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02-04-2014 Remove red links and update The 2011 Microvision Song Contest was an intermicronational song contest, held by analogy with the Eurovision Song Contest. The organisers of the contest were two micronations - the Republic of Lostisland and the Mnoer Empire. The contest was to be held from November 1st to November 15th 2011.

Information about the ContestEdit

The Microvision Song Contest was held between active micronations, by analogy with the Eurovision Song Contest. The purposes of the Contest were strengthening of international relationship, establishment of friendly exchanges, and cooperation in the cultural sphere. Also the Contest enhanced the prestige of micronations in the world, attracts attention of the world community to the development and life of micronations, which was important for the fragile micronational world. The founders of the contest were two actively developing stable micronations – the Republic of Lostisland and the Mnoer Empire. The Rules of the Contest were easy and clear, the participation in the contest was open to all micronations.

Rules of the ContestEdit

The full Rules of the Contest were available on the Official website of the Contest. The most important points of the Rules were here:

  • a micronation, which would like to participate in the Contest, should write an application to the Organizing Committee. The applications for participation will be accepted until November 1st, 2011. After recieving the Confirmation of Participation, the micronations should start the national selection - period from November 1st to November 10th, while each micronation should choose the song which will be represented on the Microvision Song Contest. The choise can be made via Universal voting, when all citizens of the micronation can offer the song and it will be voted on the Universal voting, or personally by the Head of State. The song either can be written and performed by the citizen of this micronation, or by foreigner;
  • after choosing the song, which will be presented on the Microvision Song Contest, it should be sent to the Organizing Committee as a audio- or videoclip. When all micronations - participants will send their clips, the Organizing Committee will publish a videoclip with all presented songs, so that it could be voted on the International selection;
  • the International selection will start at November 1st and end at November 10th, 2011. During this period all nations - participants could make votes for the presented songs using the score system where 12 scores is the maximum mark, 0 - the minimum;
  • after the end of the International selection the Organizing Committee will count all the marks and determine the winner. The winner is considered the micronation, whose song gained the largest amount of scores.

Participants of the ContestEdit

At 13th October 2011 there were three micronations, which has confirmed their participation in the Contest:


Official website of the Microvision Song Contest (English and Russian)

English version of the Official website of the Microvision Song Contest

E-mail of the Organizing Committee of the Contest -

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