The 2012 Bolcar-American Spades Tournement was a five day long spades (a popular card game) tournement from November 17 to November 21, 2012.

The competition was held in Blue Ridge, Georgia and atheletes from Kingdom of Bolcar and the United States



Background and rules


Every year, the Bolcar family and its extended family members come togethor for Thanksgiving. King Todd decided to host a spades tournement since that is a popular game in the family.


The players were divided into 2 teams of 2 every match randomly, and the first team to 300 wins. At the end of the game the player with the most points wins.

The competition.

Overall 10 players participated in the competition, 3 from Bolcar and 7 from the United States.



Todd Bolcar, 14, from New Prague.

Ken Bolcar, 51, from New Prague.

Susan Bolcar, 49, from New Prague.

United States:

Chuck Gee, from Thomasville Georgia.

Pam Gee, from Thomasville.

Mike Gee, from Thomasville.

Beverly Sweerus Gee, from Thomasville

Kristen Gee, 22, from Miami, Florida.

Katie Gee, 20, from Georgia?

Keagen Kiley, 21, from Georgia.

The Competition.

Overall, the rankings were as follows:

10th: Susan Bolcar

9th: Keagen Kiley

8th: Beverly Gee

7th: Todd Bolcar

6th: Pam Gee

5th: Kristen Gee

4th: Ken Bolcar

3rd: Katie Gee

2nd: Mike Gee

1st: Chuck Gee


The loser and the winner both got a prize. Susan got a candy snake, and Chuck got a sock monkey (dont judge.)