2012 Monovish Coup d'état
Part of Red February
Date 18th February -
Location Sheffield, UK
  • Decisive Parliamentary victory
PrincipalityMonoviaflag Prime Minister of Monovia
PrincipalityMonoviaflag Parliament of Monovia
PrincipalityMonoviaflag Monovish Armed Forces
PrincipalityMonoviaflag Monovish Monarchy
PrincipalityMonoviaflag Harry Fitzpatrick
PrincipalityMonoviaflag Mbongeni Ngwenya
PrincipalityMonoviaflag Jamie Shawcroft
PrincipalityMonoviaflag 11 PrincipalityMonoviaflag 1
Casualties and losses
0 0

The 2013 Monovish Coup d'état, was a legal dispute and small-scale military conflict between the Monovish Government and Prince Jamie Shawcroft. The conflict started when Prince Vladimir abdicated from the Monovish throne and named Jamie as his successor.

However, the Monovish Government and Military refused to recognize this and, at the advice of the several Foreign Delegates, Harry Fitzpatrick led a coup d'état against the new prince.

Due to Prince Shawcroft's extreme-right views, the coup has been included as a part of Red February.


Jamie Shawcroft, who is a controversial Monovish MP, was highly supportive of Prince Vladimir in the later stages of his reign. Conversations between Jamie and Harry Fitzpatrick have shown that Jamie himself supported Prince Vladimir's reign in an effort to secure future power for himself.

It was later announced that Prince Vladimir's micronation, Doshevika, would be joining Amager. Due to Amager's policy on Micronational citizenships, Vladimir was abdicated from the Monovish throne. In his abdication message Vladimir stated that Jamie would succeed him as Monovish monarch.

However, due to Jamie's extreme right-wing views, it was decided that the only option would be a coup d'état. At 19:38 PM GMT, Harry Fitzpatrick formally otherthrew Prince Jamie, who had only reigned for 17 Minutes.

Intermicronational Reactions

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