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On Thanksgiving 2013 the official Imperial Charter which officially establishes everything that Unironia has done including Flags ,Political Post, ETC

The CharterEdit

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Imperial Charter

Article 1: Divine Right

Sub-Section I

The Emperor has power to overrule any decision made by a lower Monarch within the Empire and/or any Provisional Head of State


Sub-Section II

The official title of the Emperor is as follows “By The Grace of God His Imperial and Royal Majesty Emperor of Unironia, King of Kings, Protector of all Unironics, Heir to the Caesars, Conquering Dragon of the Tribes of Unironia, King of Monoea, King of Istoria, Grand Duke in Imvrassia, King of the Griffonians and the Robites, and Baron of Crizopolis


Sub-Section III

The line of Succession will start with the closet relative that is a Member of the House of Carnot or in the event that the main line becomes extinct the Crown will go to the head of the closest cadet branch of the House of Carnot of the current generation or the next and in the event of a birth of a child in which the reigning Monarch is a parent that child will become heir apparent and this rule cannot be overridden even by the Monarch



Sub-Section IV

In the event the Monarch is unable to carry out his duties either the Monarch or the Heir apparent with the Judgment of a court of state Monarchs


Sub-Section V

The office of Chancellor will act as a co-signer on any decrees or assist the Emperor with anything that he is too busy to complete (The office of Chancellor is only obtainable if you are of The Imperial Blood Line The House of Carnot or one of the Cadet Branches) When a Chancellor dies or resigns or is dismissed by the Emperor he will appoint a new one from within the House of Carnot or a Cadet Branch


Sub-Section VI

The Rights of the Emperor are as follows

·       To govern all of  Unironia

·       Overturn any Order, Law, Judgment made by any official

·       To claim anything within the nation

·       To take Taxes

·       To depose any State Monarch

·       To Combine States

·       Create Laws State/Imperial


Article II: States



Sub-Section I

The States of The Unironic Empire are as Follows    (States Listed in order of Power)

·         Kingdom of Monoea

·         Kingdom of Istoria

·         Duchy of Polkburg

·         Kingdom of Dominition

·         Principality of Peinguon-Monkakyka

·         Archduchy of Woodland

·         Archduchy of Crizial

·         Barony of Crizopolis

·         Barony of Balsamville

·         County of Spartan

·         Kingdom of Virda

·         Principality of Beaverville


Sub-Section II

Every Family seat of a Cadet Branch or an Alternate line the city will become a city-state of the Unironic Empire giving the Patriarch of the Cadet Branch or the Alternate line to have all the rights as regular state Monarchs have




Sub-Section III                               

The following is a list of Special Territories/Colonies of The Unironic Empire

·       Unironic South Africa

·       Crizopolis Forest Territory

Sub-Section IV

The following is a list of territories of “Unironic Temporary Sovereign Space”

·       Emperor`s Locker

·       Nathan McNamara’s Locker




Sub-Section V

The line of Succession for States within the Unironic Empire is to follow the same rules as the Imperial one SEE Art. I Sub.III when a line of succession crosses the States shall combine to create a state written (State-State)






Sub-Section VI

The rights of State Monarchs are as follows

·       To govern his people

·       To propose State/Imperial laws to the Emperor

·       To conduct projects within His/her State

·       To take Taxes (with Emperor`s Consent)



Article III: Subjects


Sub-Section I

Anyone Within Metropolitan Unironia (Including Balsamville) is automatically considered a Subject and a Citizen


Sub-Section II

The Rights of Citizens are as follows

·       Freedom of Religion

·         Freedom of Movement (Unless commanded otherwise by Superior)

·         Freedom to pose edicts to State Monarch

·         Freedom to own Property





Sub-Section III

As a Subject without citizenship none of these rights are valid unless you become a citizen


Sub-Section IV

Both orders of the Population are required to obey the Law



Article IV: Official Symbols


Sub-Section I


 (Flag of Unironia)

 The Official Flag proportions are set as 2:3

USE: National Flag

RULES FOR USE: Can be flown by any Citizen or Subject that isn’t a member of Government or at an international location




 (under the Emperor of Unironia`s Infobox)

Official Proportions are set at 30:33:37

Use: Emperor`s Standard

RULES FOR USE: In place of the National Flag when the Emperor is present




Official Imperial Family Standard

(To be published at a later date on Microwiki)

 Official Proportions are set at 1:2

USE: Imperial Family`s Standard

RULES FOR USE: To be used only when multiple members of the House of Carnot (not any Cadet Branch)  is present in exception of the Emperor who`s Standard is flown separately


Official National Flag (FOR MEMBERS OF GOVERNMENT)

(on Flag of Unironia article)

Official Proportions are set at 2:3

USE: Flown in place of the National flag when is flown by members of Government

RULES FOR USE: May only be flown by members of the Imperial Government in place of the National Flag



Official Civil Ensign

(to be published at a later date on Microwiki)

Official Proportions set at 1:2

USE: Flown aboard civilian ships

RULES FOR USE: Must be flown by all civilian ships



Official Naval Ensign

(to be published at a later date on Microwiki)

Official Proportions set at 1:2

USE: Flown aboard Naval Vessels

RULES FOR USE: Can only be flown by naval Vessels, Naval Bases, or any area under Jurisdiction of the Imperial Navy

Official Army Ensign

Official Proportions set at 1:3

USE: Flown at Army Bases or at any other area controlled by the Imperial Army

RULES FOR USE: Can only be flown at Imperial army controlled areas




Official Army Ensign (Core of Explorers)

(to be published at a later date on Microwiki)

Official Proportions set at 1:3

USE: Flown by the Army during peaceful exploratory missions

RULES FOR USE: Must be used during peaceful missions conducted by the Imperial Army












Sub-Section II


(Found on Imperial Coat of Arms of Unironia 3rd down)

Lesser Coat of Arms


                        Greater Coat of Arms

 Official Coat of Arms of the House of Carnot

(found on House of Carnot Page)

Sub-Section III: Anthems and Honor Music


The National Anthem of the Unironic Empire is “Long Live Unironia” set to the tune of “Land Of Hope And Glory


The Imperial Anthem, And Official Honor song of The Emperor is “God Save This Empire” (With optional Lyrics Defined in the “Charter of Imperial Hymns”) Set to the Tune of  “God Save the Queen”


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