Autonomous Socialist People's Republic of Mouzilo
Αυτόνομος Σοσιαλιστική Λαϊκή Δημοκρατία του Μουζήλου
West Mouzilo

"Προλετάριοι όλου του Κόσμου, ενωθείτε!"
(Proletarii olou tou kosmou, enothite-Proletarians of the World, Unite)
EAM Anthem
Mouzilopotamos, Mouzilo
Capital city Mouzilopotamos
Largest city Mouzilopotamos
Official language(s) Greek, Russian, Mouzeliot
Official religion(s) None (State Atheism)
Demonym West Mouzeliot
Government Socialist
- President Markos Apostolopoulos
Established 2013
Area claimed 1km²
Population 5
Currency Euro, Mouzeliot Drachma
Time zone GMT +2
National drink Vodka
Internet Domain (proposed) .prm

The Autonomous Socialist People's Republic of Mouzilo (or more simply West Mouzilo), is a state established by Mouzeliot Communists in the Western Mouzilo Federative District of Mouzilo Empire. This nation was created after several clashes with the Imperial Mouzeliot Government and the emperor himself.


Following the end of the Mouzilo Civil war and the Communists' loss, the leftist groups thought of creating an independent government in order to achieve the so-called "communisation" (Κομμουνιστοποίηση-Kommounistopiisi) of Mouzilo. But that goverment couldn't be formed just yet, as the War had just ended. The groups, lead by Markos Apostolopoulos (the one that was one of the reasons that the former Kindom of Mouzilo collapsed), waited until they find the perfect time to revolt and set up their new state. That time was the first of March, when the emperor was on a trip to the House of Athens and the most of the Imperial Guards were busy on securing the Emperor's safety, away.


The location of ASPRM is between Kormenia and the Mouzeliot federal district of Western Mouzilo. The reason for the selection of that area was that it was the most difficult place to access thus meaning that the Imperial Army couldn't easily send troops there. Also, in that area the Mouzeliot River passes, meaning that the citizens of West Mouzilo could easily have fresh water whenever they needed it.