The Great Nation of Aboon
Flag of Aboonseal of aboon

"Ke Dio donu al ni forton kaj ni iru."
North America
Capital city Centerton
Largest city Centerton
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Aboonite
Government Republic
- Minister Council TBC
- Head of Government & State Minister Council
Legislature Minister Council
Established May 11, 2013
Area claimed roughly, 6.8 Acres
Population 3
Currency spesmilo Spesmilo
Time zone (CST)
National drink Water
National animal Beaver
Internet Domain (proposed) .ABN

The Great Nation of Aboon was founded on May 11, 2013. Aboon remerged into the U.S.A on June 1, 2013. 


The word "Aboon" is an English adverb meaning "Above". This name symbolizes the greatness of our Nation, hence the name "Great Nation of Aboon".


  • May 11, 2013. Independence of the Great Nation of Aboon. Government set up and governemnt symbols created. 
  • May, 16, 2013 Aboon undergoes a government reformation, and is now a republic. 
  • June, 1, 2013 Aboon is officially inactive, and remerges back into the USA.


The Great Nation of Aboon is a republic. The Head of Government and Head of State are held by the "Minister Council".   The Minister Council is made up of 2 elected leaders. The Minister Council holds the legislative and judicial branches of government. The Judicial Branch is held by the Magistrates Council. 

Law & Order

The Executive branch is held by the Minister Council, which also holds the Legislative branch as well. 

Foreign Relations

The Minister Council is involved in all foreign relations. There are currently no foreign relations at this time. 

Geography & Climate

Aboon is located in the Mid-Northern United States. The weather is very cold in the winter and hot in summer. The land is rather flat and with some hills. The land is thick with trees and various grasses and wildlife. 


100% of all Citizens in Aboon speak English. A small percentage of Aboonites speak Esperanto. Aboon makes many knitted clothing and other goods. Aboonites enjoy nature and the outdoors.