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Anthem of Acrest
Prague, Czech Republic
Capital city Fitzpatrick City
Largest city Fitzpatrick City
Official language(s) English
Demonym Acrestian
Government Republic
- Governor Ryan v.d.L.
Established 25. June 2011
Area claimed 25 km² (approx)
Population 1 citizens
Currency Lurk Koruna (Czech Koruna accepted)
Time zone CET

Acrest is a territory of Monovia. Acrest was one of the two federative nations of Lurk until Alex White gave Acrest to the Monovish Government.


Acrest started off as a federative republic of the Lurk Federation(today the Noble Republic of Lurk). In 2012, Acrest was given to Monovia from the Lurkish Government. This led to a dispute between Spanionte and Monovia. The Spanion government claimed Acrest was rightfully Spanion and it should have been given to the Empire. The Spanion Government and Monovish Government had stated the Kaiser of Spanionte shall be the governor yet it must remain Monovish. The Spanion Government didnt agree which in 2013, resulted in a proposed splitting of Acrest by the Spanion Government. On March 12,2013 the Spanion Nationalist Authority, known to be the Spanion Government was warned to withdraw claims from Acrest, the Spanion Authority denied. On March 26,2013 Acrest became an official province and the Spanion Authority still denied it was Monovish. On March 28,2013 Spanionte's Kaiser announced Acrest would no longer be claimed.


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