Adoklaus, Esterslovakia, New Germany

Esterslovakian Klauses, New Germany
Official language(s) Adolac (originated), German, English
Demonym Adolac
Government Hamlet Leadership of the Sandlinite Party
- Vicevatter Adolf Ginger
Established 1961
Population 15
Currency Sandlinese Barder System
Internet Domain .sne

Adoklaus is a hamlet in the uninhabited Southeast New Germany. Adoklaus' government is similar to others around the Sandlinite World. Adoklaus is the Head Hamlet of Esterslovakia. A province in Southeast New Germany. Adoklaus has about 15 citizens and has wooden houses. Most hamleters of New Germany seek the area near Adoklaus called the Klauses. The Klauses is an area where woodland and the mountainous McCowis region in the north.