Republic of Aetos
Aetos flagAetos arms

Στην Ένωση υπάρχει δύναμη
Great Lakes
Capital city Tiberia
Largest city Lapisia
Official language(s) English(official) Greek and Latin(recognized)
Official religion(s) Christianity, Neopaganism
Demonym Aeto
- Popular Consul Jacob Huff
- Principal Consul Nathan Ford
Legislature Senate
Established 05/25/2013
Currency Ashukov Denar
Time zone Eastern
National animal Eagle
Internet Domain .ats (proposed)

Aetos, officially the Republic of Aetos is a State of the Ashukov Federation, located near the Great Lakes area. It is based upon Greco-Roman culture.


Aetos comes from the Greek word Αετός meaning eagle. The eagles was a  popular symbol in ancient cultures and a patron of many chief ancient gods.


The Republic of Aetos was formed after the disestablishment of the Waya Confederacy on May 25, 2013. 

On May 31, 2013, Aetos joined the Ashukov Federation.

Government and Politics

The government of Aetos is a republic. The government is based off the Roman Republic with more political freedom. The ruling body of Aetos is named the Senate.