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Virtual team

Afondale national football team
Afondale Football Logo
Nickname(s) Horses
Association Afondale Sports Federation
Confederation None
Head coach Dan Wilcox
Captain Alex Martin
Top scorer Rory Fox (7 goals)
Home stadium Moorcastle Stadium
Kit left arm.png
Kit body.png
Kit right arm.png
Kit shorts.png
Kit socks long.png
Home colors
Kit left arm.png
Kit body.png
Kit right arm.png
Kit shorts.png
Kit socks long.png
Away colours
First international
Afondale Flag Afondale 2-2 NKSC Flag of NKSC
Holywell Bay, Scotannaea, 19 January 2014
Biggest win
Afondale Flag Afondale 3-1 Derskovia Derskov Flag
Kilbern, Afondale, 18 February 2014
Biggest defeat
Afondale Flag Afondale 0-1 Thracia Thracia Flag
Holywell Bay, Scotannaea, 21 January 2014

The Afondale national virual football team represents Afondale in virtual micronational football competitions. It was first created in January 2014 for the 2014 Winter Olympics, and has since entered the NFT Association.


Match Home Score Away Location Date
2014 Winter Olympics Afondale Flag Afondale 2-2 Flag of NKSC
Holywell Bay, Scotannaea 19/01/14
2014 Winter Olympics Afondale Flag Afondale 0-1 Thracia Flag Thracia Holywell Bay, Scotannaea 21/01/14
Friendly FLAG Austrar 1-1 Afondale Flag Afondale Arran Park, Arran, Austrar Islands 05/02/14
Friendly Afondale Flag Afondale 3-1 Derskov Flag Derskovia Moorcastle Stadium, Kilbern, Afondale


Friendly Dolmanian flag Dolmenia 1-1 Afondale Flag Afondale Eagle-Lion Stadium, Stonefield, Dolmenia


Friendly Vanconder FlagD Vanconder 1-3 Afondale Flag Afondale É'sfbesjó, Vanconder


Afondale Flag

Kingdom of Afondale

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