Afondalic National Assembly

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Afondalic National Assembly
Afondalic National Assembly Logo
Houses 1: National Assembly
Prime Minister Zack Jeff, Social Democrats
Deputy Prime Minister Kieran Clark, Conservative Party
Members 5 + monarch
National Assembly Political groups      Social Democrats

     Conservative Party

National Assembly Voting system Single transferable (PM)
First past the post
National Assembly Last election January 17, 2014
Meeting place

The Afondalic National Assembly is the main Government presence in the Kingdom of Afondale. The head of the National Assembly is the current Prime Minister (PM). There is 5 seats, plus the reigning monarch. Unusually for a legislature, most discussions take place outside of Afondale.


The National Assembly was first created when Dan Wilcox wanted to have an elected Parliament in addition to the monarch when he created Afondale. Until 2011, the First-past-the-post system was used, now it is only used for National assembly members, with Single transferable vote being used for the PM. Before 2014, the candidates stood as simply ('Seat 2' etc.) with their role being assigned by the PM. Now, each candidate stands as the role.


Elections in Afondale start when citizens are asked if they would like to stand in the upcoming election. A ballot sheet for each position is drawn up. The PM is elected first, with each candidate ranked. Ballots are given out to the citizens, who fill the ballots in. The votes are counted, and a second ballot is given out, with the least popular candidates removed. Then ballots are given out for all the other assembly members, and filled in the more traditional First-past-the-post system. The next day, all votes are counted and the results are announced.


Each term lasts one year, with elections being held at the start of the year. If the Prime Minister's term prematurely ends, whether it be loss in a confidence referendum, resignation, death, or suspension of citizenship, the monarch appoints a temporary Prime Minister until a new one is elected. Meetings are usually not held during this time. A law introduced in 2011 meant that if the Prime Minister is removed from power in November or December, then the assembly is suspended until the next election. If another assembly member's term prematurely ends, then the position is just held vacant until a by-election is held to determine their successor. A Prime Minsiter can hold the office for a maximum of 4 terms, although there is no such limit for other assembly members.


For a majority to happen, a party must gain at least 3 seats. If not, a coalition Government has to be formed.

Law making Process

The National Assembly discusses bills or issues and following a two-thirds (3 votes) on For or Against the action is taken. Sometimes, citizens are invited to participate in discussions if the government wants to hear from the people. If a bill is voted in then the monarch signs it.

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Kingdom of Afondale

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