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Afondalic Langugage
Рекадолж яsк

Kingdom of Afondale
Spoken in Afondale Flag Kingdom of Afondale
Total speakers 1
Language type Constructed
Regulated by None Official

The Afondalic language is a constructed language created by Dan Wilcox for use in his micronation, Afondale. The letters are taken from the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. Only about a hundred words have been translated.


Uppercase Lowercase Pronounced
A a ‘ay’ in ‘day’
Б б English 'bee'
B b 'va' in 'vain'
Г г 'go' in 'going;
Ґ ґ 'ke' in "key"
Д д 'd' in 'sand'
Ѓ ѓ 'j' in 'jar'
E e 'ye' in 'yeah'
Ж ж 's' in 'measure'
S s 's' in 'snake'
И и 'i' in 'bin'
Ї ї 'i' in 'bin'
Й й 'y' in 'boy'
К к 'ca' in 'cap'
Л л 'el' in 'shell'
Љ љ 'll' in 'mill'
M m English 'em'
N n English 'en'
O o Rounded English 'ooo'
П п 'p' in 'push'
P p 'r' in 'run'
T t English 'tee'
Ћ ћ 'ch' in 'choose'
У у 'oo' in 'choose'
Ф ф 'f' in 'finish'
Ч ч Rolled 'ch' in 'loch'
Ш ш 'sh' in 'shell'
Я я 'yar' in 'yard'

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