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खाद्य बारूद है or "La comida es la munición"
United States
Capital city Gothra City
Largest city Gothra City
Official language(s) English, Spanish
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Agnian
Government Absolute Monarchy
Established 12/21/13 12:58pm EST
Area claimed 5,400 square feet (Outdated)
Population 28
Time zone EST
National sport Soccer
National animal Snowy Owl
-First War started on 12/21/13, ended 12/22/13. - The first two kings, Martin and Czar Czar.

Agni was founded on 12/21/13, 12:58 pm Eastern Standard Time, by two teenagers.

This page of Agni was declared defunct on 9/21/14, 5:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, by the same two teenagers in favor of creating the Federal Republican Dictatorship of Agni as the successor state.

Agnian history will hereby be updated on The Federal Republican Dictatorship Of Agni page.


Agni was originally a Bi-Partisan Monarchy, but later it was looked back on and realized it was a Diarchy, a form of government in which two individuals rule head of state. Agni was created by two teenagers who both have Indian roots. Since Sanskrit is a philosophical language of Hinduism, which both teenagers also were a follower of, they decided to name the micronation a Sanskrit word which happened to mean and represent 'fire'.


Pre-Secession 12/21/13 12:50pm, Tensions rose between the unofficial Parliament of New Brussia and Agni.

12/21/13 12:58pm, The Bi-Partisan Monarchy of Agni is established.

12/21/13 1:02am, The unoffical Parliament of New Brussia rejects peace attempts made by The Bi-Partisan Monarchy of Agni, and war is declared. 1:17am, The unofficial Parliament of New Brussia agrees on a formal peace treaty, and the war is ended, with the annexation of The unofficial Parliament of New Brussia.

IMG 1083-1-

Peace Treaty Of Pargours; The Indepent Micronations of the Bi-Partisan Monarchy of Agni, and the unofficial Parliament of New Brussia, declare peace. The population of the unofficial Parliament of New Brussia is absorbed into the Bi-Partisan Monarchy of Agni, and the unofficial Parliament of New Brussia's land claims annexed.

The war was ended 15 minutes later with the Treaty of Pargours concluding with total annexation of the Parliment of New Brussia.

Agni was declared a defunct nation on 9/21/14, 5:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, by the same two teenagers in favor of creating the Federal Republican Dictatorship of Agni as the successor state.

Post-Secession from the Bruagnian Union

8:04pm 12/22/13, King Martin and Czar Czar issued a warrant for two individuals' arrest, the king's cousins, for excessive annoyance, and disruption of the capital city.

8:15pm 12/22/13, both individuals are both turned into the government and are immediately banished from The Bi-Partisan Monarchy of Agni. The General of the Army is also elected, Bhojana Ashwara.

5:00pm 12/24/13, both individuals are reinstated, as official residents. The first, and most likely last, virtual resident is also added to the population.

12/25/13 unknown time; A formal rebellion is acknowledged, consisting of the two previous banished cousins. The rebellion ended with one minor injury, on the rebellion side, both individuals were questioned, and the rebellion leader was identified as Anuba Makah . The two were banished, and soon left the country.

Political-Resurgence Era

2/7/14 King Czar Czar temporarily removed from power. King Martin assumes full power, neglecting the bi-partisan. With this, two days later, the three princesses in King Martin's bloodline start fighting for temporary co-regent status. The King Martin refuses to aid in any of the feuding. Princess Rani and Princess Soni seemed to have formed a contemporary alliance in order to eliminate Princess Poorvaja. Later, King Martin seizes all fighting between royalty and announces that he will will maintain full leadership of the country until a formidable co-regent is identified.

2/14/14 King Czar Czar reinstated as Co-King. 2/14/14 is declared a national holiday, as it is King Martin's birthday. First National General Assembly is called to order.

3/3/14 King Martin imposes an embargo on chocolate trade within the empire. King Czar Czar approves, the embargo is passed. This comes from an illlegal Chocolate smuggling operation within the capital. King Martin discovered this, and the last chocolate, that was on high protection, in the entire kingdom was lost. 

Agnian Involvement in the Meepish War

3/15/14 King Martin responds to the Meepish cry for independence and declares war as a response to the Meepish Empire seizing the capital in an act of imperialism. King Martin manages to defeat the Meepish Empire, and have them sign a treaty, neogitating that they are now a puppet state of Agni, but they are independent.  This means the Agni had won the Meepish Independence War .

4/4/14 Martin I signs the Treaty Of Meep granting full independence to Meepland.

Political-Arts Era

4/10/14 The Proclamation of Isolation is passed by Martin I. It can be viewed here.

4/11/14 The Agnian constitution is signed, and can be viewed below.

4/26/14 Czar Czar is recognized as the first Duke, and the first Duke of Courn.

5/12/14 During a meeting with officials, General Bhojana, Queen Poorvaja of Meep, Colonial Governor Soni, a relatively small piece of land was sold in the Agnian Colony known as Argo to Meepland's colony. Poorvaja sold the land for 25 meepish dollars, which equates to 83.33 Agnian Blue coins.

5/21/14  A referendum concerning a military alliance relationship with Meepland started on the 14th, ended on the 21st of May. The result was 100% Yes. The military alliance would be called the Eastern Treaty Organization , or ETO. 

5/23/14 The General Minister elections in the Eastern Treaty Organization began today, King Martin I is a candidate.

Meepish Civil War

After intense protests increased in the colonies and homeland of Meepland, Martin I and Poorvaja deployed troops to quell the protests. These protests have spanded from the Easter Uprising in Agni, to the Anti-Government protest in Meepland. These international protests were called the "Spring Uprisings" which were orchestrated by the "Spring Rebels". The Spring Rebels declared war on the government of Meepland, and after Agnian intervention, they declared war on Agni. Currently the conflict is ongoing, and has been ongoing for 2 weeks.

5/23/14, Agnian and Meepish military officials test fire weapons in the colony of Argo, to demoralize the Spring Rebels.

5/24/14, The Spring Rebel's besieged provinces of Tulipia, and Cherre were recaptured by Agnian and Meepish military. This caused the Spring Rebels to flee into their last remaining province, in the Meepish Colony of Anjin.

5/25/14, Agnian Military preforms an early morning attack on the last province of the Spring Rebels. The Spring Rebels retaliated but could not hold up agaisnt Agnian archers. The Spring Rebels formally surrendered, and were banished from Meepland.

The Nobility and Royalty Recognition Era

5/27/30, Martin I is elected General Minister of the Eastern Treaty Organization.

5/30/14, Agnian Officials release imagery of what the country's shape looks like, as well as it's position relative to the rest of the world.

Prior to June, mid May: Princess Soni's rights to the throne are revoked mysteriously. Leaving Princess Rani the only heir, in both Meepland and Agni. This means that one day there will be a possibility of Meepland and Agni becoming one nation again.

6/8/14, The ban on chocolate trade and chocolate itself within the country was lifted.

6/8/14, The first Earl in Agnian history is crowned, John of province Clemente.

6/30/14, The first shipment of aid has reached province Clemente, heading directly for Earl John. The aid included fresh towels, fresh water, and food.

6/30/14, The father of Queen Poorvaja of Meep was banned from Agni as a whole, including Argo and Nadi, due to excessive political ignorance.

7/4/14, On the night of American Independence, province Courn was attacked by rebels. These rebels claimed to be fighting for independence for the colonies, and wanted more freedom concerning the Sweets Trade. The battle resulted in a stalemate on both sides. ETO soldiers were the ones who fought in the battle. 

7/7/14, House Valens became the first noble house in Agni, and the official ruling house in Meepland.

7/24/14, House Rajagupta became the first ruling dynasty in Agni, and the first noble house in Agni.

8/1/14, Martin I orders the importation of more tissues, and medical supplies in general. House Alders is also officially recognized as a noble house in Agni. 

8/12/14, Martin I and Poorvaja of Meep talk about the idea of a republic/parliament. Meepland may transition into a republic.

The Defining Politics Era

8/18/14, An Agnian transport delivering weapons to the Meepish/Agnian military base in Meepland was ambushed. ETO forces responded by attacking the alleged ambushers, leading to a conflict. Several hours ensued and the ambushers revealed themselves as Desani patriots. After this proclamation, Desani patriots unified and attacked the Agnian palace. 

8/23/14, Agnian forces regained control of the palace. A Desani spy has also been located in the capital, ETO forces plan to launch an assault on the colonies in order to regain dominance in that region. 

9/3/14, Martin I's sister is banished on unknown terms.

9/6/14, a large Agnian gathering occurs, with Martin I absent, Queen Poorvaja was present and is expected to deliver a report from the perspective of a ETO Minister.

9/6/14, The Agnian Times is published after a series of long work.

9/21/14, Agni officially transitioned into a Federal Republican Dictatorship and is currently under going major ratification to form a new government. Everything will hereby be updated on a new page listed on the top of this page.

Government & Politics

The Bi-Partisan Monarchy of Agni is ruled by two Kings, or Queens, at once. The first set of Kings was established when the country was defined. These kings/queens have absolute power over the people, as long as it follows the constitution. After the proclamation of Isolation took effect, only one King/Queen would rule.

After the Proclamation of Isolation took affect, King Martin I announced that major government revisions will be made, in the very near future.

The first of these government changes is that a constitution will be written, and ratified before 4/26/14. The constitution was finished early, and can be viewed, here.

Another government revision was that Agni would be simply an absolute monarchy, not a bi-partisan.

Children or other royalty will be given this title automatically if they are not the first heir to the throne. Depending on the province, the Duke/Duchess will have different sovereign abilities.

Czar Czar was given the title of Duke of Courn. He is only able to regulate the commercial activies of the area, which is usually basketball. Poorvaja was given the title of Duchess of Cherre, a civilian organised military fort. She is able to regulate the passage of troops in the province.

Law & Order

The Kings/Queens are the court of  the land. Lawyers may defend the prosecuted and or accuse the prosecuted. The main punishment in all cases is banishment and deportation.


- No Murder

- No Robbery

- No Blackmail

- No public nudity

- No physical assault

- Freedom of Speech

- No alcohol after midnight.

- Drinking Age: 21

- Driving age: 16

- No drugs except caffeine, nor alcohol

- No prostitution

- No drug trafficking.

- No damaging public property

- Marriage date is 18.

- Age of maturity is 18.

- Foreign Schooling is required until the age 21.

- Interfering in Government Activities is illegal.

- Public Protest is illegal.

- No usurping of government titles.

Foreign Relations

The Kings/Queens will handle foreign relations through peace meetings with allies every 20th of each month. All trade is authorized by the Kings/Queens as well.

Nations who recognize Agni:


-Flag of Imperial Kingdom of GilliaImperial Kingdom of Gillia

-Tsurasian Flag Kingdom of Tsurasia

-Unironic empire Unironia

Nations who we have recognized:

-Flag of Imperial Kingdom of GilliaImperial Kingdom of Gillia


-Tsurasian Flag Kingdom of Tsurasia

-Unironic empire Unironia

3/22/14 Agni agrees to a mutual agreement of sovereignty with the Kingdom Of Harenfall.

On 4/4/14, King Martin I signed the Treaty of Meep, removing the puppet status of Meepland permanently. The Document also states that Agni will recognize the nation of Meepland as a sovereign and independent state and will respect their borders.

Diplomatic Relations:

-Unironic empire Unironia


-FrelsiaFlag Kingdom of Frelsia



The Military is required to have a knowledge of Karate, Able to understand, and follow orders, as well as the English, and Spanish languages. The Military of The Bi-Partisan Monarchy of Agni is known as the Indigo Army. They are led by the Kings/Queens who are expected to be trained in military knowledge and strategic knowledge.

A past conflict was with the unoffical Parliament of New Brussia; After tension rose on Saturday of 12/21/13, one of the two kings of The Bi-Partisan Monarchy of Agni splits is attacked, and flees. Soon the soon to be second king arrives, the country is established, and war is declared. The unofficial Parliament of New Brussia was then annexed by The Bi-Partisan Monarchy of Agni, and the Peace Treaty of Pargours, was signed.

12/22/13, General Bhojana Ashwara is elected for the Indigo Army, after a severe man hunt that ended somewhat violently.

On 2/14/14 It was announced that General Bhojana Ashwara was eradicated from her rank in the Indigo Army. Meaning, the Indigo Army lacks a proper leader besides the two kings.

Unknown date: Military elections occurring, General Bhojana is reelected.

After the military alliance referndum, the militaries of Meepland, as well as Agni, formed the ETO, or the Eastern Treaty Organization. 

The following military ranks are as following:

  • Private (Given whence you join)
  • Private 1st Class
  • Senior Private
  • Corparal
  • Captain
  • Captain 1st Class
  • General
  • Marshal
  • Grand Marshal

Involvement in the Meepish Independence War

Meepland was a breakaway state. It's leader, rebellious former Agnian Princess, Poorvaja, also known as King Martin I's niece, and the next coherent co-monarch after King Martin I. After her failed rebellion, the Choc Rebellion, Princess Poorvaja was banished to the realms of Old Brussia. Here she organized with 4 other individuals a plan to create a new country. As all of the land she lived in was strictly Agnian, there was no room for her to declare independence and rule her own country. After forming a fairly unorganized government, Queen Poorvaja attacked and seized the Agnian Capital of Circulos De Hoops, renaming it to "Meep City". Agnian Officials were prompted to immediately declare war in order to retake the capital.

King Martin I was the only known military leader during the war. King Czar Czar was no where to be found, tending to business in other countries. King Martin I was able to lead Agnian military to victory in the Battle of the Deer, and the Battle of Old Brussia. Eventually Meepland's Queen surrendered after the destruction of her arsenal, prompting the Treaty of Winter. The Treaty of Winter stated that Meepland would remain a sovereign, independent state, but as a puppet state to Agni. Agnian officials can edit laws, pass new laws, taxes, bills, acts, etc, alter government officials' positions, and the Treaty Of Winter also says that Agnian officials control coronations of new monarchs and such. Meepland is also prevented from the declaration of wars as long as it is a puppet of Agni. Meepland was also given 500 sq ft of land by Agni.

Geography & Climate

The geography of the nation is not very diverse as of the Political-Arts era. Much of the land is very hard, but able to sustain crops, with 2-6 trees, in the approximate homeland. Tillable soil is used for farming peppers, tomatoes, squash, and eggplant. The climate can range from very high to low temperatures, depending on the season.


The economy in neighboring states, including Agni, is usually trade based. For instance, you offer me 50 pounds of pork, and I'll offer you, in return, 150 pounds of weaponry. (Bad deal, but it gets the example through).

Candies, and sweets, are a big aid in the economy. There is a paticular trade that occurs between nations, Meepland and Agni, called the Sweets Trade. The Sweets Trade involves the trade and negoation of trade on imported candies. This paticular trade was payed close attention during a trip to Gladden Branch/Deer Creek river. Multiple candies were imported by the colonies on 7/5/14.

Martin I declared "The Candy Tax". The Candy Tax requires buisnesses give 50% of their final earnings at the end of a week towards the government. 


The customary pass times in the nation are as follows: playing board games, playing video games, and running from giant insects and small children.

On December 25, the first Agnian Christmas banquet occurred. The entire population attended this event, including the two banished ones.

Agnian culture varies from significant Indian influence. The majority of the population are Hindu, and celebrate holy days such as Diwali. Though the government is not allowed to involve religion with politics, the majority of the government, including King Martin I, is Hindu.

As a joke, King Martin I, proclaimed that the culture of Agni was heavily 'Whovian' based.


Official YouTube channel containing footage of the kings and subjects.

Mini documentary on The Agnian-New Brussian War

Little is known about the Official YouTube channel, but a "mini documentary" has been released on this YouTube channel .

Royalty & Aristocracy

The current heir to the throne is Princess Rani. If Princess Rani is not able to rule then, an Agnian Noble will inherit the throne.

The first Agnian Earl was created; John of Clemente. It was discovered that John of Clemente has a step-daughter but King Martin I declared she shall not be given the title of Earless. John of Clemente however does have a sister, whom may have children. Though Martin I would prefer the title to be passed on to his sister.

Earls rank below Dukes in the hierarchy of power.  In the line of power, The Monarch is first, then a Prince, or Princess. After that it is a Duke, and or Duchess, then Earl.

The hierarchy of power goes as so: The King or Queen has the utmost power in the kingdom. Under them is a Prince or Princess. Under the Prince and Princess are Dukes/Duchesses (Both Nobility, and siblings to the crown prince/princess). Under the Duke/Duchesses is the Marquis/Marquess. Marquis are heirs to the title of Duke/Duchess. An heir to the title of Marquis is called an Earl. There are those who are given a title after preforming an act that has impressed a King or Queen is usually called a Count. The children of  Counts are usually called a Viscount. Counts are able to ascend to the title of Earl if a former Earl dies with no heir.


Nobles, or aristocrats are limited to a select few titles, these titles include: 

  • Duke/Duchess
  • Count
  • Marquis/Marquess
  • Earl

Nobility posses unique powers in the monarchy, here are a few: 

  • Nobles are usually exempt from taxes
  • Have the ability to rule small regions. These small regions are usually ruled by a Duchy, where the leader, usually typically Dukes/Duchesses, have certain jobs to do and abilities that are given by the head of state.
  • Have a chance of inheriting the throne

The only region ruled by an Aristocrat is The Earlsy of Clemente, led by John.

Ascension to the Agnian Throne

Currently, all nobles belong to a royal house, or dynasty. If there is no heir apparent when the monarch dies, all houses will be put into a random drawing, and the winning house will have it's head either rule, or it the head may select a noble to ascend. The current houses are House Valens,  which consists of Poorvaja and her close family. We also have House Alders. House Alders current head is John, Earl of Clemente. House Alders is considered the most populous royal house in Agni. And Finally, we have House Rajagupta, the current ruling dynasty of Agni. Czar Czar is also in this dynasty, therefore if Martin I has no legal heir, he'd technically be able to claim the throne.

The list of nobles go as so:

Name Noble Of Noble Title Given Title on
Czar Czar Courn Duke 4/26/14
Poorvaja Cherre Duchess 4/27/14
John Clemente Earl 6/8/14

Agnian Games


On 2/23/14 the first day of the Agnian Games began. The first three events are as followed:

The 2014 Agnian Games followed a custom set of rules in which there were several events, up to 3, over a 4 day time span. Each 3 events would be done on a Sunday. More information is being gathered as the first Agnian Olympics is being documented.

'Hide and Seek': Preliminary Round: Princess Poorvaja won. Pre-Semi Final Round: Princess Soni won. Semi Final Round: Princess Poorvaja. Semi-Final Round: Princess Soni. Final-Round: Princess Poorvaja won.

'Stick Throw': Preliminary Round: King Czar Czar won. Pre-Semi Final Round: King Martin won. Semi-Final Round: King Czar Czar. Final Round: King Martin. King Martin was awarded the title "Stick Throw Champion".

'Soccer/Futbol': This event followed a 25 time limit. In that time, the first 15 minutes, Team "Gold Money" Consisting of King Czar Czar & Princess Poorvaja scored 1 point. 10 minutes into the second quarter, Team "Young Money" consisting of King Martin & Princess Soni scored 2 points. In the final 5 minutes Team Young Money score 1 more point, winning the event. They both were awarded the title "Soccer Supremacist".

The 2014 Agnian Games came to a close on 2/23/14 as increased violence in the capital city has increased, mainly concerning the royal family. Princess Soni was seen leading a protest during the Olympic event known as Mario Kart Racing, and during this former Princess Poorvaja also formed a distraction to cause the Olympic competitors to fail.


The 2015 Agnian games are believed to begin in the closing weeks of February, to honor the first Agnian Games. Though this is subject to change, and may even begin as early as January.

The Bruagian Union

Before establishing it's independence on 12/21/13, Agni was apart of the Union known as Bruagni. Bruagni consisted of the micronations, known as New Brussia, and Agni. A group of friends formed the union with similar ideas and intentions of having a micronation for recreational purposes. Eventually, tensions arose between the friends, and the Agnians (King Martin, King Czar Czar, and others) left the union, declaring their independence. War is soon declared with their former ally, and New Brussia is annexed as a whole. New Brussia was a Parliamentarian Republic, which is one of the main reasons the Agnians declared independence. The Prime Minister, once elected from Parliament, forms the Brussian cabinet. The first known Prime Minister was Anuba Makah.

Provinces in Agni

There are only a few known provinces. The other provinces are still being named and identified properly. Here are a few that have been identified;

These provinces are seen as Micro-provinces and are very small. There are hopes to one day further expand these provinces.

Name Duke/Duchess/Representative Type
Courn Czar Czar, Duke of Courn Recreational
Cherre Poorvaja, Duchess of Cherre Resort
Clemente John, Earl of Clemente Residential

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