Agrikeshic Jallian language

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Agrikeshic Jallian
Angriqeesik Jluulann

Coat of arms of Agrikesh
The coat of arms of Agrikesh, the founding nation of the Jallian language.
Total speakers 1
Language family Indo-European
Writing system Latin alphabet

The Agrikeshic Jallian language, also known as Jallian, also is one of the two official languages along with Agrikeshic English of Agrikesh. The goal of Agrikeshic Jallian is to merge with Agrikeshic dialects of other languages, mainly English, into one unique language. Although after the merger the language will still serve the purpose of being an Agrikeshic language that Anglophone people can learn.

Agrikeshic Jallian is similar to Old Kaynian and Delsh, Agrikeshic Jallian being based on the former and the former being based on the latter. These languages collectively are sometimes called Delite or Delsh-like languages. All Delite languages are Anglic languages.

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