"Through peace and innovation!"
Bir Tawil
Official language(s) Arabic, English
Official religion(s) Islam
Demonym Ahmedian
- President Ahmed Shaker
Established November 10, 2014
Area claimed 1600km²
Currency US Dollar, Egyptian Pound
Time zone UTC+02:00

Ahmedia, officially Bir Tawil is a self-proclaimed micronation that was founded on November 10, 2014 by Ahmed Shaker.


The term Ahmedia comes from the name of the founder; Ahmed Shaker. This term was first coined by Ahmed and was adopted as the country's name.


Ahmedia was declared an independent sovereign nation in 2014 by Ahmed Shaker for scientific research and to bring peace in North Africa. Ahmedia is being held under Ahmed Shaker's name as his territory and nomadic herders are allowed to bring their flocks in without any complications. Although nobody is a resident of Ahmedia as of yet, this may change in the future.

Government & Politics

The President of Ahmedia is also the head of state. The president has the right to veto any bill or court ruling. The president is elected every four years.

Law & Order

There is only one level in the judicial system of Ahmedia. The court is used for accusations and rulings of all kind. The judge makes his decision on plaintiffs and victims by using evidence, records, and jury opinion.

Foreign Relations

Ahmedia holds very good PR with other countries and micronations. Ahmedia recognizes both Palestine and Israel as well as Sealand.