The Akkladian Confederation (ah-KLAH-dee-ehn), commonly called Akkladia or the Confederation, is a federal parliamentary republic made up of 23 provinces, 74 hamlets, 1 federal district, and 19 territories. The capital of the Confederation is the Capitol (Also known as Capitolio, Kapitolyo, and thủ đô in Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese, respectively) located in the Federal District of the Akladian Confederation, usually called the District.

Flag of akkladia

The flag of the Akkladian Confederation.


Although the true origin of the word "Akkladia" is unknown, it may be from the Akkadian Empire, an ancient Semitic empire in Mesopotamia. the etymology of that word may be derived from the city-state of Akkad, the capital of the empire. Its etymology is unknown.


The Confederation is mostly situated in Extreme Southwestern United States, and Northwestern Mexico. It is bordered by America to the North and East, and Mexico from the South and East. It is a mostly coastal and insular country, including the Peninsular Range as its mountain range. It is made up of various valleys, the Sonoran Desert, and a small part of the Mojave Desert. Although it has never been accurately measured, it is believed to be about 9,100 miles. Its main population centre is San Diego, accounting for over 1 million citizens. It also has the overseas territory of San Jacinto, a group of Filipino islands.

Map of akkladia

The only current map of the Akkladian Confederation; includes San Jacinto to the bottom-left and the California Channel Islands to the middle-left.


The Confederation's formation date is normally set at April 18, 2014. A micronation of sorts had been in the works for months before it. Names for this micronation had been, among others, the Federal Republic of the Mojave, the Grand Duchy of San Diego, and just the Federation. By April 17, however, the founder had a basic idea of his nation. On April 18, He posted his idea on the Internet.



Due to how new this nation is, a constitution has not been made yet. According to the Chancellor, a constitution is "currently in the works".

Form of Government

According to the Chancellor, the government will be a direct democracy, with the leaders being elected once a year. He says the Head of State will be a Chancellor. The next-in-command will be a Prime Minister, and then the Federal Parliament.

20140421 160207

The Administrative Center, the official center of the Confederation. To the right, you can see the Administrative Transportation, a 2001 Chevrolet Suburban.

Administrative Divisions

There are 20 provinces in the Confederation; Encinitas, San Diego, Coronado, El Cajon, Fallbrook, Chula Vista, Alpine, Calipatria, El Centro, Mexicali, Tijuana, Yuma, and each of the Channel Islands. There is also San Jacinto, an overseas territory in the Filipino Islands.



There are 4 commonly spoken languages in the Confederation; English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. Due to this, every official document is distributed in all 4 languages.Many other languages are recognized as minority languages, due to the high number of foreigners.


All citizens are given healthcare, and all chancellors must give the citizens healthcare. Due to the novelty of the nation, it is unknown how people will rate it, but it is expected they will enjoy it.


Most citizens live in urbanized areas of the Confederation. The main population centers are San Diego, El Cajon, El Centro, and Mexicali.


The Confederation is a secular country, but does not discourage religion. The main religion of the Confederation is Christianity, which about 30% of the nation follows.


The Akkladian Confederation has decided not to have a military, due to low funds. It is believed that a military will be added as soon as the funds allow it.

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