Republic of Alampourdesia
Proposed flag

"Skapste Alites!"
Patrida mou
Capital city Fremkasa
Largest city Fremkasa
Official language(s) Greek
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Alampourdesian
Government Marxist-Leninist,one party state
- President Akis
- Prime minister Jaimson
Legislature Parliament
Established April 24,2010
Area claimed 0,00259 km2
Population 20
Currency Euro
Time zone Winter:UTC +2 Summer:UTC +3
National sport Soccer
National dish Scalopinne
National drink Wine

Proposed flag

Alampourdesia, officially Republic of Alampourdesia is a self-proclaimed micronation that was founded on April 24, 2010‎ by Jaimson and Stauros.


The term Alampourdesia comes from the Greek word Αλαμπουρνεσία, which means something that cannot be understood. This term was first coined by Jaimson and was adopted as the country's name.


The Kingdom was declared an independent sovereign nation on April 24 2010 by Jaimson and Stauros.Alampourdesia was a hunting club till 2010 when a small house called "Paragka" was built.An enemy tribe called "VIP" wanted to destroy

Paragka. Jaimson and Stauros established the Kingdom of Alampourdesia in order to protect the building and declared a war on VIP, in which Alampourdesia was victorious. After the war elections were proclaimed. Jaimson won the elections with over 85% of the votes and became the first prime minister of the micronation. On August 6 the Alampourdesian flag was created.

On December 6 of 2015 the government announced that a referendum will be held on 20 December to decide whether the constitution proposed by the government should be accepted or rejected as the fundamental law of the state.The constitution was approved by 85% of the people consequently Alampourdesia became a socialist state.On May 4th 2016 the collective garden of Alampourdesia was founded as a state-owned entreprise.It is managed and run by the council of farmers that work there.

Government & PoliticsEdit

The Republic of Alampourdesia is a Marxist-Leninist,one party state.The only legal party is the Communist Party of Alampourdesia,which is also the vanguard party of the Alampourdesian working class and peasantry.The Alampourdesian parliament has 5 seats.People can elect their representatives (MPs) every 5 years

Law & OrderEdit

The constitution of Alampourdesia was voted by the people on 20th December 2015. The Alampourdesian police uses bicycles as vehicles in order to spread an ecological message to the citizens of the micronation.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Alampourdesia recognize all the members of the U.N as independent sovereign nations. It also recognizes the following nations: the Republic of Molossia, the Principality of Sealand, the Principality of Seborga . Alampourdesia is also a member of United Micronationals


The Almpourdesian army is called "Alampourdesian People's Army" and it has some airsoft guns and hand made weapons.The size of the army is 5 soldiers during peacetime.


The economy of Alampourdesia is a planned,socialist economy.The monthly government's newspaper and the Alampourdesian collective garden are the country's only sources of income.Despite that,the Alampourdesian economy is growing and every day the quality of life of the Alampourdesian citizens improves.


Alampourdesia has a monthly newspaper and used to have an internet TV.


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