Alessandro Dacomo(Varese 15 November-Alive) is a Revolutionist, coordinator of the CRC-1 of the Communist Revolutionary Committees and footballer of the Socialist Federation of Makhnovist.

Participation to the Atlantis September Revolution

Alessandro Dacomo
Coordinator of the sports activites

Installed in office:

27 September, 2010

Political Party: None
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Coordinator of the CRC-1

Installed in office:

10 October, 2010

Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Personal Information
Born 15 November
Religion Agnostic

Following the Atlantis Civil War, Dacomo decided to join the Revolutionary cause after that his friend Comrade Carbone showed him the reasons of the rebellion. He joined the Revolution after the Battle of Poseidon and for that he didn't won the commemorative medal of the Order of the Black Star. Succesive he was nominated Coordinator of the sports activites of the Federation for his knowledge in this sector.


Alessandro Dacomo his the captain of the national football team of the Federation and he his one of the best players of the whole team. He has participated to many football tournaments having great performance. He was also nominated Coordinator of the CRC-1 for his militar experience.