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The Eiene Bombeshfell Geschwader. Flying Boomerangs. the Emblem is the Squadrons.

Alexantiums Flag

This is Alexantiums flag

Alexantium is a fledgling micro-nation that was made a little less than a month ago in its macro nation Australia. It has a population of 9 and it is steadily growing. Its national sport is cricket and it has two main languages, English and Ale-Deutsch. Alexantiums national dish is nachos and its national animal is Carp, it's main religion is Christianity and its political system is a peoples based democracy. The people get to vote on issues if they please, the current Prime minister is D.A.Benson of the nationalist party and the opposition is the Gan Socialists lead by J.Gan. The General of the house is E.A.Benson. It has a small military but only for ceremonial occasions like November 26th the military has a march in Antonium square (The capital).


Alexantium prides itself on its Air force the APAR (The Alexantium Protection air force). It and the military pride themselves on protecting not just its citizens but its allies to the last bomb and bullet.


If you want to see more of our country to become an ally or a citizen click this link below

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