Alexei Krisovic Orlov
Name Alexei Krisovic Orlov
Micronation Ruled Democratic People's Albek Republic
Reign start 1st December, 2012
Reign end Still in Office
Predecessor None
Successor None
Alexei Krisovic Orlov is an Albek politician, and currently Premier of Albekistan. He has held that post since late 2012, just after the Albek Civil War ended and the nation's first democratic elections.

He began his career fighting for the Aerian Independence Front, and soon moved to fight for the independence of his own nation, Albekistan.

Early Life & Education

Orlov was born in London in 1989. He moved to the Yorkshire city of Leeds in 1993 and studied at DGS Primary School until the age of 11. After leaving DGS, he moved on to secondary education at WHS Secondary School, and left with 9 GCSEs, in German, French, History, Geography, R.E., I.T., Science, English and Mathematics. He then joined the WHS Sixth Form to study at A Level. He passed A-Levels in History, Politics, R.E. and German. After this, he continued education at the University of Manchester, graduating in Politics with a BA (hons). He left University one year ago, and his real life job involves driving trains, but he intends to return to university in order to get a MA degreee in Politics, and then a PhD. His ultimate aim is to become an academic and lecturer at a university.


Orlov has been involved in micronationalism since 2001, when he was 12 years old. He was originaly a citizen of Tevin, but began fighting for the independence of Aere and Albekistan when the King of Tevin began introducing racist and homophobic laws. He successfully acheived independence with Albekistan in 2012, and immediately gained citizenship as a 'key freedom fighter'. He was heavily involved in the ensuing Albek Civil War, both politically and militarily. His political knowledge helped to get Albek citizens onto his side, and his outdoor knowledge allowed him to defeat his enemies with ease.

Orlov is a devout communist, but is unconventional. He believes in immense national pride, and communism in one country, and is a strong Christian.

The Albek national elections take place next month and Orlov will be running for Premier again.