Alexei Orlov
Premier of Albekistan
In Office: 2nd November 2012 - Present
Preceded by None (Military administration)
Succeded by None (Still in Office)
Military Career
Allegiance Kingdom of Tevin (1996), Albekistan (1997-present)
Branch Ghost Division
Years of Service 1996 - Present
Rank Captain
Battles/Wars Tevin - Habetistan War, Albek War of Indepencence, Aerian War of Independence

Alexei Krisovic Orlov (born 25/5/89 in London, UK), is current premier of the Democratic People's Albek Republic, otherwise known as Albekistan. He has also served as Minister for Foreign Affairs for Tevin when Albekistan was not independent, and currently serves in the Albek Military.

Military career

Orlov served in the Tevin Defense Unit for one year, fighting against Habetistan in the Tevin Habetistan war. However, when Habetistan pledged support for the Albek National Front, the group representing Albekistan, he left the TDU and joined the fight for Albek independence.

Political career

In 2011, Orlov joined the Albek Communist Party, and was quickly voted to General Secretary. In the first elections after Albekistan's independence andcivil war, the Communist Party was voted into power, with Orlov as Premier.


  • Albek Award for Valiance, 1st Class
  • Albek Award for Valiance, 2nd Class
  • Albek Award for Honesty, 1st Class
  • Honorary Member of the Habetistan Council
  • Azkent Pact Leader of the Year