Sableaurora (1).pngCoat of arms of Alimia.png
Coat of Arms

"Sit Nomine Digna"
"Sable y Sanguíneo"
Capital city Kavajë (Largest city)
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Legislature Royal and Sovereign Parliament of Alimia
Established August 5th, 2017
Area claimed Unknown
Population 2 people, 1 animal (2, 1)
Currency Alimian Lambda (? ALL)
Time zone -6 AST (Alimia Standart Time) no DST
Internet Domain .ak (Proposed)

Alimia (/alimia/ a-LEE-mia) is located in central Mexico, a tiny enclave in Mexico City, governed by The Royal House of Alimia.

Situated in the suburb of the major Mexico City, Alimia, is just only a few blocks away from several paks, and a few minutes from Xochimilco natural reserve. The nearest major airport is Mexico City international, and several bus services are in the nearest avenues.

Visitors to this area enjoy going to parks, water canals, botanical markets and in the surrounding areas can visit several completely free museums, expos, traditional stores an food locals.

Alimia was established in 2017, it was a Principalty for over a month, followed by the nation that it is today.


The Royal House was founded in the early 21th century, in August 5, 2017, after that, the Grand Duke declared independence from Mexico, founding the Principality of Alimia, and a month later, the Royal House readjust the monarquic composition to a Grand Duchy, in the beggining Alimia had the same size of Kavajë mayoralty, but a few weeks later Alimia invaded and annexed the Elbasan territory.

In the night of September 7, 2017, a 8.1 strong earthquake with epicenter in the east of Tonalá, México reached Alimia, but no damage occur, later, in September 19 anoter earthquake located in Morelos-Puebla border beated Alimia and demolished National barrier and National Flagpole.

In October 2017 Alimia started talks about the annexation of Satania as a mayoralty.

Around December 2017, a constitutional reform passed and Elbasan changed into a territory.

In January 8, 2018 Alimia and another 4 countries formed the League of Micronations.

In January 20, Alimia annexed Satania mayoralty (Before mexican territory) and Mayor Satan gained citizenship ascended to power, and two of the citizens lost his nationality.

In February 16, another earthquake located in Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca, striked Alimia, but no damage had been reported.

The following day, a sublevate attacked the capital, dropped the National Flag and tried to burn it, but the military repelled the attack and the called "Pushback Offensive" is being planned

Geography, climate and environment


In Köpper-Geigger climate classification, Alimia have a Cwb climate. (dry winter, tempered)


Alimia have a significative sismic activity, the Alimian Plate produces at least 3 eartquakes in a week (6°-9° richter) but Alimia doesn't have volcanoes, and not all of Alimia is in the Alimian Plate, almost all of Kavajë is in this plate, the rest of the country belongs to the Northamerican Plate.

Flora & Fauna

The country doesn't have so much variety of plants, but there is some palm trees, eucalyptus, ahuejotes, willows, ahuehuetes and araucarias in the surrounding area.

Different types of insects can be spotted in the surroundings of the country, also green parrots, crows, white-winged doves, sparrows, barn swallows, doves, cats and dogs.


The country have a population of 2 people, the 100% is Dawn ethinc, the 100% of habitants speak the official language, is an Alimian countrysidean dialect of Spanish. (little diffrences with castillian spanish)


Dawn Myth

A bunch of people was lost in a very large parcel of corn, and later a big two-headed eagle appear, and the poor people called it for help, the eagle accepted, but with one condition, they have to predicate his word of Dawn in the nearest populations, and in the dawn of the 40th day, they have to establish a settlement, the bastion of the Dawn culture.


The Dawn cuisine is mostly instant food, or easy to make not so much complex dishes, vegetables, cereals and seeds are appreciated, and one of its principal ingredients is wheat fluor.


The Dawn people have some traditions, like Dawn dancing, generally practiced in the middle of an avenue near the nation, or even motorways.


Alimia has the Alimian Spanish dialect as the official language, it's slightly different compared with standart spanish, the official alphabet in Alimia is the Alimian alphabet. (based on Greek alphabet)

Soe regionalism are:

  • Ciudad-Suidá
  • De todo el-De'to'l
  • De toda la-De'to'la
  • Hijo de tu chingada madre-Hiju'tuchiga'mahre'
  • Madre del señor-Mae'deh'señó'


The 100% of the population is secular, but in the times of the Principality, the Church of Alimia predicated catholisism, however, the only member in that church was a blasphemous man and he decided to close it.

Government & politics

The country is divided in 2 mayoralties (Kavajë and Satania) and 1 territory (Elbasan), and until January 20, 2018, the martial law had been revoked and elections will be convoked soon.

Entity Flag Ruler Population Established Annotations
Kavajë May. Kavajë flag Atifete 1st of Alimia 2 (1,1) 5/8/17 Capital City
Satania May. Satania Dr. Satanás 1 (1,0) 20/1/18 Not contiguous to the capital
Elbasan Terr. Elbasan flag National


0 ?/10/17 Before a Mayoralty , Established in ?/8/17

Foreign relations

Countries that have diplomatic relations with Alimia

Country Flag Capital Ruler Status
Republic of New Rizalia Highland Seann Torres Alliance
Kingdom of United Counties
Revised Union Flag
Mapleriver Queen Mary Alliance
The United Empire of Duggania Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 7.30.06 am Zetersburg Jack 1 Diplomacy
Despotate of Vlasynia
Despotate of Vlasynia Flag-2
Deleni City Despot Denis I Alliance
Principality of Egan
Flag (1)
Egan Aydo Kimyona Alliance
Grand Democratic Republic of Titania Grand titania Fort Lauderdale King Blade I Alliance
Molossia Molossia flag Espera Kevin Baugh Informal Diplomacy
The Republic of Luxia Luxia Flag New Ramonia - Alliance
Kingdom of Ourania Ourania flag Templemer Floating City Immanuel IX Alliance
Kingdom of New Yankeeland UPNE New Gettysburg Stephen I Alliance
Scaténoisie Helvetia Scaténoisie Helvetia Flag - - Diplomacy

Alimia recognise all micronation whit physical terrestrial claims, and in some cases Alimia not recognizes all of sovereignty teritorial claims. (Like nations that claims all of the world)

Alimia recognise all of the 195 UN members and observators and the following countries:

  • Taiwan
  • Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic
  • Kurdistan
  • Crimea (As a part of Russia)

Military & security

Alimia have 2 soldiers and 2 gendarmes, in fact, this country is at war with a unspecified sector of mexican population, but this war is nowadays a stalemate.

National Festivities


  • 1/1: New year
  • 6/1: Three Magic Kings
  • 20/1: Satania annexation day
  • 18/2: Sublevate Day
  • 13/3: Stephen Hawking Memorial Day
  • 14/3: π Day
  • 22/4: Earth Day
  • 27/5: Satania Day
  • 5/8: Independence Day
  • 8/8: Pavo Day
  • 15/9: Cassini-Huygens Memorial Day
  • 19/9: 1985 & 2017 Earthquake Victims Day
  • 29, 30, 31/10: Pavo Memorial Day
  • 3/11: Wea Loca Day
  • 1/12: Doctor Day
  • 2/12: Teacher Day
  • 3/12: Scientific Day
  • 4/12: Armed Forces Day
  • 5/12: Grandfathers Day
  • 12/12: Alimia Day
  • 13/12: Flag Day
  • 14/12: Emblem Day
  • 15/12: Anthem Day
  • 16/12: Motto Day
  • 17/12: Grand Duke Day
  • 17/12: Boniface 1st Day
  • 17/12: Boniface 1st birthday
  • 17/12: Alimian-Titanian Friendship Day
  • 18/12: Royal House Day
  • 24/12: Chrismas Eve
  • 25/12: Chrismas
  • 29/12: Atifete 1st Day
  • 29/12: Duchess Day
  • 29/12: Prime Minister's Day
  • 31/12: Year end



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