Declaration Of Freedom

The Allamastanian Declaration of Freedom, one of the greatest symbols of Allamastan and the Ḥashshāshīn Wars.

On December 2nd 2014 the leader of the Alpacastanian Fascist Party, June Miller, proposed that the Fascist Party would be dissolved in Alpacastan by January 1st 2015 if him and his fellow Fascist Party members were given independence from Alpacastan by the end of that week. President Aryx Doder agreed, but the Vice-President Cayden Lefebvre disagreed. After a long day of disputes Lefebvre hesitantly agreed, but disputes continued on which territories Allamastan would receive for independence. On December 5th 2014 a decision was made and the two original copies of the Allamastanian Declaration of Freedom were signed, and the Republic of Allamastan was formed.

At the bottom of the Allamastanian Declaration of Freedom, the Alpacastanians sneaked a small note stating "President Aryx Doder has the power to 'undo' the document upon permission from his fellow government members." Upon discovery, this quickly worsened relations between Allamastan and Alpacastan. Later, it was guaranteed on that the note would expire on January 1st 2015, in order to please the Allamastanians.

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