Alliance of Rizzo Powers (ARP)

Location: Trails of Prosper, Prosper, Texas, USA. (the neighborhood is Trails of Prosper)

Language: English

Animal: Osprey

Main Religion: Christian

Plant: Indian Paintbrush

Secondary Language: Intoze [In-toe-see}

Anthem: Yellow Rose of Texas

Leader: Rett Rizzo

Currency: US Dollar

Slogan: Feinto Ifrezee Weezee (For Freedom we Fight)

Flag of Alliance of Rizzo Powers
Coat without arms rip arms


The Intoze alphabet pronunciation

A- aez

B- 'b'

C- 'c'

D- dontay

E- ez

F- 'f'

G- gont

H- 'h'

I- ine

J- jotzee


L- 'l'

M- montz

N- nine

O- oz

P- 'p'

Q- quinzo

R- rinee

S- "s"

T- tonzee


V- vine

W- wiez

X- 'x'

Y- 'y'

Z- zeese

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