Allied Micronational Economics and Trading Association


Type Economic Union
Founded 17 February 2014
Management Owned by the Public Domain

Chairman: Jack Booth

Member nations 2
Headquarters: RailWorks Building, Kerne District, Claresland
Motto: "Liberate and prosper"
Statistics GDP: unknown

The Allied Micronational Economics and Trading Association (AMETA) was the result of a merger between the Micronational Economic Alliance & the Trade and Economics Organization of Micronations. The merger happened after the chairmen of both parties signed the London Agreement which ultimately led to the unification of the MEA & TEOS to create AMETA. The operations which are happenning in TEOS & the MEA will continue but just under the new name of AMETA. The first chairman of AMETA is Reverend Jack Booth.

Entry into AMETA

As mentioned in the London Agreement, the institution requires that nations who wish to enter AMETA must be at least 3 months old, defined territorial claims (not virtual), the nation must have a defined capital city, at least 1 currency accepted as legal tender and the willing to trade with other micronations. If a micronation meets these requirements then they can be a full member of the institution. A micronation can be an observer state if they express an interest in the institution but don't wish to join; the observer states are not required to follow the regulations but may join or leave any time they like & applications to the institution must be made by the highest figure in power.

Member States

Nation Admission to the MEA Status
1000px-Flag of New Zealand.svg Republic of Stars 18 February 2014 Full Member
Flag of Scotannaea Republic of Scotannaea 10 April 2014 Full Member
Noflag / none
Noflag / Full Member
Noflag / Observer State

Current Operations

The operations of AMETA will be that countries will promote the act of financial and economics education across the micronational world and that AMETA members can be safe traders and make no mistakes when doing negotiations and trading. A notable example is ROSCAS which is a Scotan based business deal in which it's investors donate time. The ROSCAS scheme only accept investors from AMETA member states even though Scotannaea (home of ROSCAS) is a member of AMETA.

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