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The United Patriotic Democratic Republic of the Allied States of Kolea, The Aladean Islands and The Shqiptarian Independent Ethnic States, otherwise known simply as the Long-Named Commonwealth, is a 'rogue' Empire ruled by the Grand Emberet Nick the First, who is the youngest king at 12 years old. Unfortunately, the state is at a long civil war that has lasted just a few months. It is urging help from Flodland who unfortunately have not replied to the plea of help. Thus, the flag is not able to be shown. It was proclaimed by a man called Richard Holding on the 7 July 2013, yet the empire was weak at the time so the current Grand Emberet took over and peacefully annexed the Aladean Islands and Kolea. The current civil war started because the General disagreed with the Grand Emberet about which plastic toy to play with and it started on the 26th of December 2014. The General however has stated that he will issue an official surrender on the 26th of March 2015.


The official currency is the Ganaralel. the sign for it is simply a G with a line through it

Outside RelationsEdit

It is hoping for Flodland and the Empire of Orange to become it's allies. Currently, North Korea is it's biggest ally, yet citizens do not need visas to go to the United States of America and it has prosperous trade with them. It's main export is plastic toys, which accounts for 100% of trade to all nations.

Population and LanguagesEdit

It has a population of 6. However, despite the main language being a form of the Indo-european Albanian, everyone speaks English as a common language. The majority of the ethnicity is not from Kolea, Shqiptaria and the Aladean Islands. Aladean and Wadiyan are also accepted. Toto is the legal language there.


The military of The United Patriotic Democratic Republic of the Allied States of Kolea, The Aladean Islands and The Shqiptarian Independent Ethnic States is one of the biggest and most well trained in the world. It's name is MSTK, standing for Milici Shume te Keq in Albanian. This literally translates to The Very Bad Militia. It is actually one of the best in the world, as it has 3 obese pre-teens who have boxing gloves, it's general is a 1 year old tactical wiz and has very dangerous plastic toys and its leader is the Grand Emberet himself. In total, the army consists of 5 people. It has a few paper aeroplanes that can be thrown to deter the enemy and a baby's train that he can ride on. The nearby nation of Kanjangen nearly lost all of it's territory thanks to the army.

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