Republic of Alsoomse
Flag of Alsoomse

Devon Island, Axel Heiberg Island, Melville Island, Prince of Wales Island, and southern Dronning Maud Land
Capital city Talluruti
Short name Alsoomse
Demonym Alsoomsian
Government Direct democracy
Established January 2, 2012
Population 10
Currency Micro, bitcoin

Alsoomse, or officially the Republic of Alsoomse, is a republic and self-declared sovereign state located in the Arctic and Antarctic, claiming Devon Island, Axel Heiberg Island, Melville Island, Prince of Wales Island, and southern Dronning Maud Land. It is also a direct democracy with a collective leadership of all Alsoomsian citizens. The capital of Alsoomse is Talluruti, the Inuktitut name for Dundas Harbour, a ghost town in Devon Island. As of yet, all citizens have their main loyalties to other nations, while still trying to make a united Alsoomse with peace and stability. All expect one citizen is on the official Skype group of Alsoomse, making 10 citizens. It has no permanent population in its claimed borders, so all of their citizens are overseas. Alsoomse, or its previous incarnations, have never been involved in a war with trying to avoid direct involvement in wars, trying to at most support a certain side of a war. It shares land borders with Norway, the United Kingdom, Australia and Wadonstol via their Antarctic claim and shares marine borders with Canada via their Arctic claim.

The time before the installation of a direct democracy, Alsoomsian history was divided into rule by Domanglia/Ossavakia and rule by Burkland/Legatia. Its history has been diverse and this diversity has shaped Alsoomse as it is today. However, there was a period of change called the De-Evinization Revolution. There are still remaintants like the division between Government and the National Movement for the Liberation of Alsoomse.


The modern republic traces its roots to the Commonwealth of Devon Island, Axel Heiberg Island, Melville Island and Prince of Wales Island founded on January 2, 2012 as a member-state of the United Crannist Nations of Lorrikastead, which dissolved into the Union of Sentient Crannist Sivilates. The Union of Sentient Crannist Sivilates was a united de jure sovereign state consisting of all the former UCNL members expect Domanglia which kept its independence.

After Domanglians called for Lorrika unity, the USCS and Domanglia united forming the Ossavak Federation. However, after tensions between the Zafari Lordship and the Ossavak Federation started, the Zafaris declare independence. Northern Canada followed though, although it was perfectly fine with the federal government. It declared independence from the Ossavak Federation on April 22, 2012. The National Movement for the Liberation of Northern Canada declared independence from Canada on May 17, 2012.

Then after being inspired by the National Movement for the Liberation of Pashema, which was inspired by the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad, the National Movement for the Liberation of Northern Canada was created and an Azawad-style government was formed. Later, Ossakanada, a nation created so Ossavakia would recognize Northern Canadian independence spilt ties. This was because the Ossakanadian leader supported the British Empire. Ties official spilt after Dominic offended the former leader, made transphobic comments and made broad generalizations. Afterwards, the newly named Alsoomse was also trying to become a direct democratic nation.

Government and politics

Alsoomse is a direct democracy run by a collective leadership of all citizens, this collective leadership is called the President. The President runs two organizations, the National Movement for the Liberation of Alsoomse, which runs internal affairs, and the Government of Alsoomse which runs foreign affairs and citizenship. With the Executive Council of the National Movement of the Liberation of Alsoomse running both Government and NMLA decisions and having the exact same members and leaders, the Government and NMLA are basically the same institution. The de juredivision is because of the former Azawad-based government.

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