The Runic Union
Runic Union
Type: Supramicronational Organization
Headquarters: Online
Official Languages: Færeyska, ᛰᛖᛟᛞᛋᛕᚱᚪᛣᚨ, Angle-Dutisch, ᚹᛖᛥᚷᛖᚱᛗᚫᚾᚦᛖᚾ ᛋᛈᚱᚫᚳᛖ, Nederlands, Norsk (Nynorsk), Íslenska, Svenska, English, Danske, Deutsch
Membership: 3 Nations
Establishment: 12th of Midyear, 2260RE (12th of June, 2010CE)
Website: The Runic Union does not currently have a website
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Charter: To help create a bond between Runic micronations, to resolve conflicts between member-states, and to serve as an outlet of Germanic cultures and beliefs in the micronational world
Founder: His Grace, King Swen I, and King Penda the Ironhand
Secretary General: His Grace, King Swen I (in charge of moderating the Runic Council)

Every six months, the Runic Union hosts a semi-annual Althing in which all of its member-states get together and discuss recent events and make decisions in relation to the Union. Althings are held on the first Sunday of Ostara (April) and the first Sunday of Hunting (October) every year.

First AlthingEdit

The first Runic Althing began at 17:30 UTC-2 on 03/10/60. Many topics were be discussed, amongst them:

  • Revisions to the Standard Runic Script and How to make Union fonts compatible with different Runic Scripts
    • Postponed until the next Althing.
  • Whether or not to make the Standard Runic Script mandatory for conlangs in the Union
    • Voted not necessary
  • The Union's official time-zone
    • Voted UTC-2
  • Whether or not to admit the Empire of the Serpent (http <colon-slash-slash> empireoftheserpent <dot> tk/) to the Union
    • Denied admittance; open to reconsideration come next Ostara.
  • Whether or not to move to another Wiki
    • Yet undecided
The full talks can be found on this article's talk-page.

Second AlthingEdit

The second Althing will take place in the Ostara of 2261 (April 2011). An exact time has not yet been set for this event. Several issues will be brought up, amongst them:

  • The reconsideration of the Empire of the Serpent's request to be admitted into the Runic Union.
    • Issue not yet resolved.
  • Revisions to the Standard Runic Script and How to make Union fonts compatible with different Runic Scripts
    • Issue not yet resolved.
  • Any other issues that may be brought to the floor during the Althing.

The Runic CouncilEdit

The Runic Council is made up of all 'the member-states in the Runic Union. All micronations start out with one representative in the Union. The right to one extra representative is gained for every six months that any one nation is active in the union. The maximum number of representatives per nation that may be present in the council can be no larger than nine. The Council is called to a meeting to resolve disputes between member-states, to decide upon whether or not to admit an aspiring nation into the Union, to change the Runic Union's guidelines, and to change the runes in the Standard Runic Script. Decisions are made via voting, and each representative has one vote. Representatives reserve the right to abstain from voting, to vote "Yea", to vote "Nea", and to qualify the resolution(s) being offered. In the event of a tie, whichever side in the argument has, overall, spent the longest average length of time in the Union wins the vote. The Council is called to a meeting every six months for its semi-annual Althing (the first Sunday of Ostara and Hunting; the first Sunday of April and October), in which many topics are brought up and many actions decided upon. At least 2/3 of all member-states must be present in order for the Council to assemble.