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The Alvarian Language Family (Alvarian: Alvarie Languadak Famil, Albek: Alvantir Laknara AlYurta, Huzuri: Alvryn Lngwj Fmle) is a group of languages native to the Alvarian region of England. The family consists of three completely constructed languages: Alvarian, which has heavy influences from English; Albek, which shares characteristics with English, Arabic, Russian and Turkmen; and Huzuri, which is almost entirely derived from English.

Alvarian languages are spoken in the following micronations:

  • East Alvaria (Alvarian)
  • Azistan (Azi, not yet completed)
  • Albekistan (Albek)
  • Habetistan (Albek)
  • Trechcapcove (Albek, Huzuri, Fetrechcap, not yet completed)
  • Huzuristan (Huzuri)

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