Province of Amapsa- Province of the Cat Republic
North Province Flag
Languages spoken English, Cat Script(written), Daedric(written), Russian, German, Japanese, Swedish
Date founded August 28th, 2012
Population 17 citizens, 20+ territorial residents
Demonym Amapsan
Governor The Co-Presidency


Amapsa (originally the North Province) was one of the original claims of the Cat Republic, with Zitkala(home of Co-President Jon Kelly) as it's original and current capital (though Zitkala now also serves as the nation's capital). The then North Province and South Provinces, being the first two provinces, and bordering each other, are considered sister provinces.

Government & Politics

Each town, city, and suburb has it's own mayor or vice-mayor (in the case of suburbs) who reports directly to the Co-Presidency. Some cities or towns are directly overseen by one or both Co-Presidents. 

Amapsa is home to the headquarters of Entertainment, the C.R.I.B.(Cat Republican Intelligence Bureau), Police Force(the office where crimes are reported), and Foreign Relations.

Law & Order

Zitkala is home to the Cat Republican court system. All trials are held here.


Amapsans are very open and friendly. Sterotypically, they are very smart and artistic. Those that do not have the skill for drawing or painting are usually highly talanted writers- many are both. The majority or Amapsans speak/write at least portions of some foreign language, usually multiples. Some can write in Daedric, and many can write and read Cat Script fluently. 

Cities, Towns, and Suburbs

Amapsa is home to about 46% of the Cat Republic's current population.

  • Zitkala- name comes from the Lakota word for "Bird". The bird population here is especially diverse.
  • Schoenburg- name comes from the Schoenknecht family that founded the city. It is home to the restaurant named "Coney Sealand", modeled off of Coney Island but named after the famous micronation.
    • Tastoff- name comes from the creator of the wooden duck statue(also named Tastoff), who is the mascot of the suburb.
  • Swopetown- name comes from the last name of the man who founded it, Micheal Swope.
  • Smithsburg- name comes from the last name of the Smith family that founded it.
  • Opportunity- name self-explanatory. It is home to the bakery "Frosted Weapons"
    • Area 8- (technically a part of the Imperia and Amapsa at the same time). It was the 8th area claimed for the Cat Republic and it's second established military base. It is here that many Cat Republican Soldiers train in hand-to-hand combat and close combat (with close-range weaponry)
  • New Ferndale- Named after the surrounding American city. The flag uses a coat of arms designed for the local high school back in the 80s.
  • Intelopolis- citizens pride themselves on sharp wit and high intellect.

Flags of Cities, Towns, and Suburbs

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