Republic of Amaranthine
AmaranthineFlag-2014 v2(250px)

Capital city Amaranthine City
Official language(s) Amaranthian
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Amaranthian
Government Unitary Republic
- Governor Tanner Harding
Legislature The Council
- Number of seats - 20
- Last election - 5 August 2014
Established 1 August 2014
Area claimed 3,709 km²
Population 1
Currency Amaranthian Pound Sterling £ (APS)
Time zone EST (GMT -5)
National sport Airsoft

The Amaranthian Isles (can be shortened to Amaranthine), officially the Kingdom of the Amaranthian Isles, is a sovereign micro-state with limited recognition. It is located on a group of islands at the end of the Aleutian Islands chain. These islands are officially within the jurisdiction of Russia , about 200 miles from the east coast of the Kamchatka Penninsula .

The Capital of the Amaranthian Isles is Amaranthine city, however the name of this city is proposed to be changed within two weeks.

The Amaranthian Isles are governed under a form of absolute monarchy with HRM King Tanner I as head of state , or monarch . The House of Harding has rule Amaranthine since its foundation in 2014. The official languages are Amaranthian and English , however the Amaranthian language is in development.


Over its course of history Amaranthine has gone through some various changes, from government type, to different land claims.

Republic of Amaranthine (1st - 7th of August, 2014)

The Republic of Amaranthine was founded as a utopia project to rid the world of corrupt government. It soon failed due to a supposed lack of funding. The real reason for its collapse will probably never be knonw. Essentially all records of the Republic were destroyed when the nation assumed the Absolute Monarchy.

Kingdom of the Amaranthian Isles (8th of August - Present)

After the collapse of the republic, Amaranthine officially adopted an Absolute Monarchy as a form of government. Due to the loss of previous records, it cannot be said why this happened. Most citizens believe it is for the better.

Coronation of King Tanner I

On the 8th of August, after the government officially transitioned to an Absolute Monarchy, former Governor of the Republic, Tanner Harding, was coronated as King of the Amaranthian Isles.


The government of the Amaranthian Isles is officially an Absolute Monarchy, lead by a monarch with the title of King, who has absolute power. There also exists a royal council which brings together the leaders of the autonomous provinces that pledge loyalty to the Crown.

The King of the Amaranthian Isles

The King of the Amaranthian is an all-powerful monarch that is able to control every aspect of Amaranthine. His main responsibilities include establishing laws, governing the people, and maintaining a high standard of living for all of this subjects. The titile of King is hereditary within the Kingdom. The natural heir to the throne is always the eldest son of the king, and if the King has no sons, the eldest daughter becomes queen, a monarch equal to that of a King.

The Council

The Council is a group of 20 councilmen that aid the Governor in creating laws and dealing with high risk situations. The Council meets every Wednesday at the National Building in Amaranthine City. Councilmen serve a 1 year term and are elected by the Governor. An individual can be elected as councilman an infinite amount of times. Any natural-born citizen with a clean criminal record, no mental health disorders, and Class 2 Security Clearance can be elected as a Councilman.

The Ministry

The Ministry is the Governor's personal cabinet of advisers, selected by the Governor when he is sworn into office. This cabinet consists of 5 ministers, each serving a 2 year term. Below is a list of all positions within the Ministry.

Minister of Defense
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Commerce
Minister of Education
Minister of Infrastructure

Any natural-born citizen with a clean criminal record, no mental health disorders, and Class 3 Security Clearance can be elected as a Minister.

Foreign Relations


The Republic of Amaranthine is currently a pending member of the De Soto Confederation.


The Republic of Amaranthine is currently not engaged in any form of alliance with another micronation.

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The Republic of Amaranthine does not currently have a professional army, however is does maintain a temporary militia for self-defense and disaster relief purposes. A professional army is planned to be established by the Summer of 2015.

Geography & Climate

The Republic of Amaranthine is located in Central Florida. Summer temperatures can reach as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while winter temperatures rarely go below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Afternoon rain showers are very common, happening almost every day. Much of the land is flat, consisting of sandy soil. Some natural plants include various species of Palm trees, and Pine trees.



The official currency of Amaranthine is the Amaranthian Pound Sterling (APS). The symbol for the Pound is "£". An amount such as £12 is properly pronounced "twelve pounds".

The Pound is divided into 100 smaller pieces called Pence (Singular is Penny). The symbol for the Penny is "p". An amount such as 50p (£0.50) is properly pronounced "Fifty pence", while an amount of 1p (£0.01) is properly pronounced "One penny".

And all together an amount such as £12 + 50p (properly written "£12.50") would be pronounced "Twelve pounds, fifty pence" or "Twelve and a half pounds".

If Amaranthine is accepted into the De Soto Confederation, it will adopt the Soto as its national currency and deactivate the APS.


In terms of imports and exports, nothing is yet official. However, we do have many industries planned to take a large part in imports and exports.


Amaranthian culture is mix between American and British culture. Much of our lives are based around the ocean.


Amaranthine celebrates a few different holidays, some international, some national. This list only includes official holidays that are recognised by the government.

Holiday Date
Spring Equinox 20th of March
Summer Solstice 21st of June
National Day 1st of August
Fall Equinox 23rd of September
Winter Solstice 21st of December


The Amaranthian language is a conlang that is currently in development. It will feature it's own unique alphabet called Amaranthian Script as well as an anglicised alphabet. Amaranthian is based off of German with some Slavic principles in it. It has a sound quite similar to Czech.


Amaranthians, for the most part, do not play many sports. However, airsoft is played by a large majority of Amaranthian citizens as it is the national sport. Airsoft is played professionally in Amaranthine with a large year-end tournament on the week of the Winter Solstice.