Islamic Emirate of Amir

Official language(s) Arabic, English
Official religion(s) Islam
Demonym Amirian
Government Emirate
- Emir Harry Fitzpartick
Established 2011
Population 2

The Islamic Emirate of Amir is a nation inside the Electorate of Monovia, an imperial state of the Utopian Confederacy. It is bordered on all sides by the State of Qatar.


In Monovia, Harry Fitzpatrick gained some territory in Qatar via relatives, resulting in the Islamic Emirate of Amir. During this time, former-ally Domanglia, a nationalist regime, began verbally attacking the state, trying to bring it down, this resulted in heavy condemnation, with many leaders calling it "Islamophobia".

However, Domanglia agreed to stop if Amir transferred sovereignty of Chinobe to Domanglia. This was agreed upon, and Chinobe became a part of Domanglia. However the Chinobe Liberation Front protested and a rebel Government was set up. Spokesman "Alex" sent Domanglia an email, requesting that a vote be held on independence. Domanglia accepted, however when the majority of people voted for independence, Domanglia declared a state of war on the rebels.