The Anbidian language is Currently Under Development (C.U.D.) and as a result, very little information is available about it. According to King Ioze'ep its sound inspired by Hawaiian, Japanese, and Xhosa. I't grammar and orthography are still largley undefined


The following is known about the languages phonolgy.


There are 15 basic vowel sounds in Anbidian. The short vowels (/a/, /i/, /u/, /e/, and /o/) the long (/aː/, /iː/, /uː/, /eː/, and /oː/) and the falling vowels (/â/, /î/, /û/, /ê/, and /ô/). In the standard translitteration scheme the short vowels are written as 'a', the long as 'aa', and the falling as 'á'.


The consonants and ther current tranliteration is given below:


x l m n p b ! r w


s z ʒ
Roman ' d x k l m n p q r t w


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