Flagpas Anderson Paiva
Portrait of Anderson Paiva
Paladin of Cenit Canton, of Pasargada
Assumed office: Jul 15 2009
Personal Information
Born: Apr 30, 1980 (aged 29)
Birthplace: Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)
In micro. since: 2004
Macronationality: Flag of Brazil2
Micronationality Flagpas2006-
Political Party: Federalist Alliance
Residence: Campinas, SP (Brazil)

Anderson Paiva is a micronationalist, and Paladin for the Cenit Canton, of the Free Community of Pasargada.

He was initiated in micronationalism in Pasargada, settling in Icária Canton.

One year later, he became major enthusiast, together with Fábio Racoski and Mauricio Villacrez, of Aristocratic Revolution in Cenit, a set of audacious initiatives to launch the Canton new parameters of cultural activity. He was elected for the Parliament, for Cenit, and also exerted several times major cenitian offices of Seneschal and Paladin.

Among Pasargadan politics, he has started working for now extinct left-wing Free Pasargada, later he tried local-based Cenitian Nation Party, until it was extinguished too. Lastkt, in February 2009, he decided to move on to newborn Federalist Alliance, where he is one of remaining leaders.

Besides his heavy-duty dedication to Cenit, Anderson is a respected second-class diplomat, having been appointed, in the past, to Pasargadan embassies in Pathros and Sophia.

Moreover, Anderson is famous for his intense activity as businessman. Enterprising, he has created Terragona Emporium, GatoqueRi Soccer Club and inventive micronational bank EcoTrocas.


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