André Cyranka
Portrait of André Cyranka
Chancellor of Pasargada
Assumed office: May 29 2009
Preceded by: Igor Ravasco
Succeded by: Incumbent
Personal Information
Born: Apr 11, 1980 (aged 29)
Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)
Active since: Feb 2004
Macronationality: Brazilian
Micronationality Pasargadan (2004-05, 07-)
URSS (2005-06)
Political Party: Social Democracy
Residence: Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro, RJ (BRAZIL) CEP 22230-020

André Cyranka is a micronationalist, and Chancellor of the Free Community of Pasargada (head of state).

He was initiated in micronationalism in the fermenting Pasargada, around beginning of 2004. That time, a national political effervescence and intense activity was happening between the three mutually rival Houses: Pasargadan Heart, Federalist Alliance and Pasargadan World. Side by side with Felipe Aron, a permanent companion of Cyranka in politics, he has rapidly become an influent Pasargadan, occupying several important offices in the nation.

In the end of 2005, he and others Pasargadans decided to seceed from the Community, making the Canton of Sloborskaia a fully independent micronation. Later, Sloborskaia joined Bervania and turned into the URSS, a soviet-inspired lusophone country.

In 2007, he once again returned to Pasargada and engaged crucially in the risorgimento of 2008, now as a leading member of Pasargadan Heart. In this context, he has sttrugled hard as one of the central figures, exerting the crucial office of State Minister. His job was mainly promoting Pasargada "overseas" and mobilizating dozens of old citizens.

In the beginning of 2009, he quit Pasargadan Heart and, together with more than 10 Pasargadans, retakook old Federalist Alliance (AFP), immediately taking parliament´s majority and empowering another Government of Felipe Aron, now in AFP.

In april 2009, he relinquished his political affiliation with AFP and ran for chancellery´s elections. In one-stage suffrage, he defeated two strong opponents: former chancellor Igor Ravasco and prince of Efaté Vítor de Bourg, both founders of Pasargada, with the impressive score 19-13-13.

As Chancellor of Pasargada, he is undertaking an extensive projet of all-new diplomacy, putting forth Pasargadan agenda in many different sectors. He is responsible for the creation of Cimeira, an elite-style organization founded in alliance with Réunion.

Recently, he has joined the brand-new house: Social Democracy.

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