Angrignon is a micronation that was originally founded in 2012 in Westmount, a borough of Montreal, in Canada. It relocated to the borough of Ville-Emard in 2014.


In 2012, St. Aidan found a book in the Westmount Library. St. Aidan thought this book was sacred, so he told acquaintances about the book, and those people became the first Olekists.

The Olekists (Olekists being the religious term, Olekites being the demonym) settled in a small area near the Westmount Library, a settlement approximately 600 square meters in area. The Olekites lived there for two years.


In 2014, the Olekites were forced to relocate due to economic problems. The Olekites traveled to the borough of Angrignon, and founded a country there by the same name. The Olekites have lived there since.


After finding a sacred book in the local library of Westmount, St. Aidan founded Olekism, the official religion of Angrignon. They believe in a savior and prophet called Olek. Olek saved his people, the Jidlos (JID-loz), from a food crisis by raining manna from a holy vortex.

Olekists, or Olekites, believe in the Grandma-Pa tree, a tree that existed long ago in the time of Olek. According to the book found by St. Aidan, the Grandma-Pa tree is the place where the Eblians settled.


Angrignon gets its name by the nearby mall called "Carrefour Angrignon" (French for Angrignon Mall) and Angrignon Park, a famous park in the city that surrounds the micronation of Angrignon. There is also a boulevard named Angrignon. All these things were named after a politician named Jean-Baptiste Angrignon.


Angrignon is a French name, and many Americans and English-speakers mispronounce it. It is actually pronounced "ANG-green-yon".


There are two provinces in Angrignon. One is the Capital Province where the Angrignon Monument is located. The Monument is where the government assembles for meetings. Olekist preachers preach there when the government is not having a meeting. The Saint of Angrignon lives in the Capital Province.

The other province is the Province of Winisk, named after the Winisk River in Ontario. This is the residential and commercial province. It's where most people live, and it's where all the shops are.

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