There are two anthems, usable in Vladislavia.

"Arumiɩ Rem"

Arumiɩ Rem
(Arumiy R'em)
("The Golden Star")
Lyrics author V. Chokin, (2016-t.m.)
Composer unknown, (betw. 1255-1500)
Country Vladislavian state flag Vladislavia
Adopted October 2016
Arumiї Rem

Arumiɩ Rem (eng. The Golden Star) is the official state anthem of Vladislavia, which was written by founder on music of Portuguese church songs.


The first months of Verd'landian micronation existing were linked with problems of total symbolic's absence. Flag of Vladislavia was designed quickly, but there still was problem of anthem and coats of arms.

Vladislav Chokin have searched for adoptable tune in fixed genre (medieval/celtic), and after some time he found recording of "Schelmish" band, containing exactly needed melody - in right style and with absent lyrics. By the way, original recording had to be edited, but this issue was solved very quickly, whereas writing of lyrics was harder. For all history of anthem they were changed several times due to general improvements and country's location changings. The last edition was adopted on 22th September 2017.


  • The white lion is national symbol of Czech Republic as it's depicted at Czech coat of arms.
  • Fortress from which lion looks at his lands - is Prague Castle.
  • Fox and fennec - are national animals in Vladislavia.


Varu keveriɩ alɩbiɩ levul versedanɩ an kungul dẽ hoemat,
Varu irg kardacɩ marẽsk din kvorga la irgỹn gloritỹɩ, marỹɩ landɩat,
Varu gimecɩ an feniɩ reul vɩorỹn slariɩ rẽdiɩ suntẽlalilor,
Varu kommẽnɩ fanak und vulpirɩ tu nẽicɩ anitiɩ taɩn irgatilor...
Akolo vetẽcɩ Vladislaviɩa - nɩoritalỹɩ, gloritỹɩ landɩa,
Zẽmra dẽ hogiorut tẽriɩ zem umbrãt dẽ garɩat und stɩagul vẽrdiɩ,
Karẽ girtilecɩ allegezaht - ferihɩ aprinẽcɩ an rem arumiɩ.

Nɩoritalỹɩ, brudsihheriɩ, marỹɩ arumiɩ rem livecɩ in harcɩat,
In harcɩat dẽ gloritỹɩ hoemat dẽ gloritỹɩ inminɩ - dẽ Vẽrdɩlandɩat!
Versedanɩ irg an hatarỹɩ čɩargul karẽ vimidarẽcɩ nɩoferičirɩa,
Vetẽcɩ rem fie - minỹɩ maīhacɩ - Vẽrdɩlandiɩ Carã Vladislaviɩa!
Where a mighty white lion became a king for people,
Where he proudly looks round from fortress on his glorious great lands,
Where borns a brightful ray of our fairy red sunrise,
Where fennec and fox have came to raise their only home...
There is Vladislavia - unrepeatable, glorious land,
Place of eternal calmness under shadow of trees and green flag,
Which flies ever - till shines a golden star.

Unrepeatable, unbreakable and great golden star lives in hearts,
In hearts of glorious people of glorious nation - of Verd'landians!
It became a holy mascot which wipes misforture out,
This star - is my homeland - Verd'landian State of Vladislavia!

"Kde domov můj?" a "Lime niva čergenɩ..."

"Kde domov můj?" a "Lime niva čergenɩ..."
"Varu minỹɩ homɩ?" und "Lime niva čergenɩ..."
("Where is my home?"
and "There is thunder beyond the meadow...")
Lyrics author Flag of the Czech Republic J. K. Tyl, 1834
FPRV Flag O. Gvernacɩ, 1966
(IRL: V. Chokin, 2015-2017)
Composer Flag of the Czech Republic F. Škroup, 1834
FPRV Flag (Flag of Slovakia) Slovak folk tune
Country Vladislavian state flag Vladislavia
Adopted 01.09.2017
Kde domov můj a Lime niva čergenɩ

"Kde domov můj?" a "Lime niva čergenɩ..." - is the anthem of Czechoslovakia, reedited for purposes of Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia, which would be probably declared in Czechia.

The first part of this anthem is actual anthem of Czech Republic. It has Verd'landian translation, but its usage is not recommended.

Second part is imported from anthem of Verd'landian country, called "Furristic People's Republic of Verd'land", whose anthem was written on music of Slovak "Volunteers song". In this variant, only the first verse is used. Singing of other ones is possible without Czech part only, but still is not recommended by Rixdag - other verses can be undeservedly offensive for Czechs.

This variant was adopted in 1st September 2017, when leader of Vladislavia once again have changed final location of country, accordingly to his possible studying and living in Czechia.

Fictional history of "Lime niva čergenɩ..."

See at Verdwikia: Lime niva čergenї


Bold text is actual part of united anthem, while italic text is additional one
Flag of the Czech Republic Czech partFPRV Flag Verd'landian partFlag of the United Kingdom Translation
Kde domov můj?
Kde domov můj?
Voda hučí po lučinách,
Bory šumí po skalinách,
V sadě skví se jara květ,
Zemský ráj to na pohled!
A to je ta krásná země,
Země česká domov můj!
Země česká domov můj!
Varu minỹɩ homɩ?
Varu minỹɩ homɩ?
Asga vaīhtacɩ la levadat,
Zigirdɩat galarẽcɩ la otanɩat,
In gardul sẽ bukurɩa,
Hettaɩ Lirmiɩ gertarɩa!
Und sẽ - minỹɩ namnỹɩ landɩa,
Landɩa Čehiɩ - minỹɩ homɩ!
Landɩa Čehiɩ - minỹɩ homɩ!
Where is my home?
Where is my home?
Water runs in the meadows,
Forests rustle on rocks,
In garden there is brightful blossom,
It looks like heaven on the Earth!
And this is my beautiful land,
Czech land - is my home!
Czech land - is my home!
Lime niva - čergenɩ
Fulgerɩat aredacɩ.
Ogarazi, froɩndɩat,
Irgỹn zaronɩat,
He voretẽcɩ moīrtacɩ!
There is a thunder beyond meadow
Throwing lighters.
Stop, my friends,
Their rumbles,
Which are bringing death!