His Royal Majesty
Anthony III
Antonju III
King of Keltsvia

10th King of Keltsvia
Reign 21 August 719 -
4 December 757
(38 years and 105 days)
Predecessor Joseph I
Successor Joseph II
Consort queen Anna
Joseph II
Dinasty Dinasty of Urseku
Father Joseph I
Mother Cixilo
Born 22 January 701
Vugalroge, Kingdom of Keltsvia
Died 4 December 757 (aged 56)
Vugalroge, Kingdom of Keltsvia
Religion Roman Catholicism

Anthony III (Labwese: Antonju III, Latin: Antonius III) was the tenth king of Keltsvia and descendant of Urseku. His nickname was "The Lazy".

Early life

Anthony was the oldest son of the Crown Prince Joseph and his wife Cixilo, a Visigothic princess. He spent his childhood during his grandfather's reign. And when he died his father was his successor.

Joseph I rule

The rule of Joseph I of Keltsvia was very short, only four years, he died and the new king was Anthony.

Anthony III rule

All Europe was worried because of the Muslim expansion to Europe but the Kingdom of Keltsvia was in Central Europe and in peace with their neighbours, the Slavs. On 721 he married Anna, a daughter of Lupus I of Aquitaine and both had the following descendance: Mary (b. 722), Anna (b. 724), Claudia (b.725), Joseph (b. 727) and Thomas (b. 730). Anthony III also helped the Frankish to fight against the Moors sending Keltsvian mercenaries. That decision helped to establish again the Frankish-Keltsvian alliance.

Anthony III death and succession

Anthony III died on 757 and his successor was his oldest son, Joseph.

Anthony III's ancestry


Anthony III of Keltsvia
Born: 22 January 701 Died: 4 December 757
Preceded by:
Joseph I
King of Keltsvia
719 – 757
Succeeded by:
Joseph II

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