His Royal Majesty
Anthony IX
Antonju IX
King of Keltsvia

28th King of Keltsvia
Reign 25 December 1292 -
31 August 1341
(48 years and 249 days)
Predecessor Peter III
Pawlu Robertsinu (as regent)
Successor Paul I
Consort queen Christina
Paul I
Dinasty Dinasty of Urseku
Father Peter
Mother Helen
Born 15 June 1291
Vugalroge, Kingdom of Keltsvia
Died 31 August 1341 (aged 50)
Wrocław, Kingdom of Bohemia, Holy Roman Empire
Religion Roman Catholicism

Anthony IX (Labwese: Antonju IX, Latin: Antonius IX) was the twenty eighth king of Keltsvia and a descendant of Urseku. His nickname was "The Desired" or "The Posthumous".

Early life

Peter was the youngest grandson of Peter III of Keltsvia, and the only son and last child of Peter, the Crown Prince of Keltsvia and his wife Helen, daughter of the Grand Duke of Poland and Duke of Masovia Konrad I. He was nicknamed "The Desired" because he was the only son of twelve children and "The Posthumous" because his father died before his birth. With one year, he succeded his grandfather in the King role when he was one year old. He studied in Ferdinand III's Library. And was also trained by his regent Pawlu Robertsinu, a high rank general of the Kingdom of Keltsvia.

Robertsinu's rule

Meanwhile Anthony IX was a child, the Kingdom was managed by his regent, Pawlu Robertsinu. He attacked the Teutonic Order to protect the Polish dominion over Danzig because of the Polish-Keltsvian alliance, but he failed.

Anthony IX rule

Once Anthony IX was 15, he assumed the control of the Kingdom. On 1311, he married Christina, daughter of the King of Denmark Canute VI. They both had the following children: Anthony (b. 1312), Peter (b. 1313), Mary (b. 1318) and Paul (b. 1325). During his rule the Kingdom of Keltsvia was surrounded totally by Poland, remaining only the walls of the city of Vugalroge, who was one of the most populated cities in Medieval Europe. Anthony IX died on 1341 when he was hunting with his friend and mentor Pawlu Robertsinu.

Anthony IX succession

Anthony and Peter died on 1322 of an unspecified sickness, so his successor was his remaining son Paul.

Anthony IX's ancestry


Anthony IX of Keltsvia
Born: 15 June 1291 Died: 31 August 1341
Preceded by:
Peter III
Pawlu Robertsinu (as regent)
King of Keltsvia
1292 – 1341
Succeeded by:
Paul I