His Royal Majesty
Anthony VII
Antonju VII
King of Keltsvia

18th King of Keltsvia
Reign 17 November 953 -
21 June 995
(41 years and 216 days)
Predecessor Anthony VI
Successor Edward I
Consort queen Maria
Edward I
Dinasty Dinasty of Urseku
Father Anthony VI
Mother Anna
Born 5 December 925
Preslav, Bulgarian Empire
Died 21 June 995 (aged 69)
Vugalroge, Kingdom of Keltsvia
Religion Roman Catholicism

Anthony VII (Labwese: Antonju VII, Latin: Antonius VII) was the eighteenth king of Keltsvia and descendant of Urseku. His nickname was "The Blond".

Early life

Anthony was the oldest son the King of Keltsvia Anthony VI and his wife Anna, a daughter of Simeon I, the Tsar of Bulgaria. The rule of his father was peaceful for the Kingdom of Keltsvia. On 950, Anthony married Maria, the daughter of Borrell II, the Count of Barcelona. Anthony VI of Keltsvia died on 953 and Anthony became the new king as Anthony VII. Anthony had the following children: Adelaide (b. 951), Mary (b. 952), Anthony (b. 954) and Edward (b. 956).

Anthony VII rule

The rule of Anthony VII was peaceful but Keltsvia was being surrounded by the Polans, so Anthony VII tried to make some peace agreement or an alliance. That alliance would change the destiny of the Keltsvians. His sons married daughters of Mieszko I, the Duke of Poland and Keltsvians started a good relationship with the Polish Piast dinasty when Mieszko became a Christian.

Anthony VII succession and death

Anthony VII died on 995, but his oldest son died before him, so his successor was his youngest son Edward.

Anthony VII's ancestry


Anthony VII of Keltsvia
Born: 5 December 925 Died: 21 June 995
Preceded by:
Anthony VI
King of Keltsvia
953 – 995
Succeeded by:
Edward I