His Royal Majesty
Anthony VI
Antonju VI
King of Keltsvia

17th King of Keltsvia
Reign 20 July 920 -
12 November 953
(33 years and 115 days)
Predecessor Anthony V
Successor Anthony VII
Consort queen Anna
Anthony VII
Dinasty Dinasty of Urseku
Father Anthony V
Mother Jimena
Born 21 August 903
Vugalroge, Kingdom of Keltsvia
Died 12 November 953 (aged 50)
Vugalroge, Kingdom of Keltsvia
Religion Roman Catholicism

Anthony VI (Labwese: Antonju VI, Latin: Antonius VI) was the seventeenth king of Keltsvia and descendant of Urseku. His nickname was "The Peacemaker".

Early life

Anthony was born during the short rule of his grandfather, Anthony IV of Keltsvia. He was the oldest son of the then Crown Prince of Keltsvia Anthony and his wife Jimena, the daughter of Alphonse III, the King of Asturias. During the rule of his father, the Kingdom was in peace but he, Anthony V participated in a battle against the Bulgars where Keltsvians and Byzantines lost and the King became blind. Probably due to that injury, the King died on 920. The new King was his son Anthony.

Anthony VI rule

The rule of Anthony VI was peaceful and he signed a peace treaty with Bulgars and Keltsvia would remain neutral in future Bulgar-Byzantine conflicts. Anthony VI married Anna, a daughter of Simeon I, the Tsar of Bulgaria. They both had the following children: Anthony (b. 925), Simeon (b. 927), Anna (b. 930), Maria (b. 933) and Paul (b. 939). Anthony died on 953 in Vugalroge, his successor was his son Anthony.

Anthony VI's ancestry


Anthony VI of Keltsvia
Born: 21 August 903 Died: 12 November 953
Preceded by:
Anthony V
King of Keltsvia
920 – 953
Succeeded by:
Anthony VII