Anti Fascist Band
Anti Fascist Action

The Internatonale
Official language(s) Hispanic English English
Official religion(s) Athiesim
Demonym Anti Fascists
Government Socialist Anarchy
- None None
Legislature Different bands of Antifascists
- Type - Communist Anarchy
Population Unknown Different bands of Antifascists

The Anti Fascist Movment is a leftist terrorist orginization that was founded in the 1920's and 1930's in Germany after World War 1 origionally to prevent Adolf Hitler's Nazi party from coming to power.

after the Second World War they tried attacking and protesting US intervention IN Korea and Vietnam.

in 2016 they rose to power during and after the us election by attacking Trump supporters and Conservatives. They officially began a reign of terror when a Milo Yianopolis speaking event in the University of Berkeley California Went violent as the soeaking event was trashed, set a flame, and attacking attendees.

Donald Trump threatens to cut federal spendings to The University. It was eventually liberated By The United States and Kekistan And were defeated again in Boston.

IMG 4484
While typically not a micronation they still have intervened with Kekistan. CNN and MSMBC Have both backed Antifa Riots And have been bank rolled by people including George Soros.

The goal of Antifa Is to terrorize and Censor conservitaves And Destroy As Much as possible in "a war for the Working Class."

Terrorist Orginization

On September 1rst, The US Deparntment of Homeland Security declared Antifa a domestic terror organization. This was mainly after the events of Berkely,Boston,and Charlotsville. However, this was only ratified by the state of New Jersey.

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