Democratic Apachistan 2

Apachea coat of arms

Coat of Arms
Motto: Una Sumus!

(English: Together We Stand!)
National Anthem: Apache (Orchestral Version), by Apachiland Orchestra

Location: Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Capital: Apachea
Area claimed: n/a
Military Leader Sir General Sweden
Date of foundation: April 4th, 2017

King Apache I

Purported organizational structure: Constitutional Monarchy
Language: Apachan, English
Purported currency: Apachan Pound

General Information

Apachiland (Officially the Kingdom of Apachiland) is a small Micronation that resides in Lower Quinton, United Kingdom.

The country was founded on April 4th, 2017 by two English students who would later go on to become the King and the President.

Currently, the Kingdom has a population of 105 recognized and another 35 going through the process of citizenship at this present time.

Intermicronational Diplomacy

Currently, the Kingdom of Apachiland recognizes Palestinian sovereignty over the West Bank but not the Gaza Strip. They also recognize Catalonia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Atlantium, Molossia, Skywalkistan and all members of the LoMN.

Apachiland Civil War

On Boxing Day (26th December) 2017 the King of Apachiland undertook a Monarchist Coup d'état and took over the Apachiland Government. The then President Cooper responded by sending a diplomatic request to forfeit his claim as the leader of Apachiland. The King refused and declared war on the now called Free Apachiland. On the 27/12/17 the King took control over the mainland. On 01/01/18 the Loyalist Army started a 3 day siege on the capital leading to the Capture of the Capital and eventually lead to the King to surrender on the fifth of January 2018.

Constitution of Apachiland

The constitution of the Kingdom of Apachiland (To put it briefly) states that all citizens shall have the right to feel safe and secure within their country, that all citizens shall have all Basic Human Rights set out by the United Nations and that the Kingdom of Apachiland shall use its Military only if there is absolutely no other option. (The full constitution can be read at

Royal Family of Apachiland

The Royal Family of Apachiland consists of the King or Queen, All of their relatives, Knights, Lords and anyone the King or Queen sees fit to become a Monarch.

The current Head of State is King Apache I, his Heir Apparent is the current President, President C, and if he dies then the Heir Apparent would be Sir (and Duke) General Sweden of the Apachan Armed Forces.

Order of Succession

Presidential Succession

If the President were to suddenly abdicate, go missing etcetera the order of succession is as follows:


Highest Ranking MP

Highest Ranking Chancellor

Minister of Defence

Highest Ranking Military Officer

King or Queen

Duke highest in line to the throne

Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor

This is a classified Letter detailing who will be given charge of the government if none of these people are alive or able to do the duties involved. It has the name and details of someone who the President has picked very carefully to take charge if all else fails. It has a 1-in-5,000,000,000 chance of being used.

Royal Throne

If the King or Queen were to suddenly abdicate, go missing etcetera the order of succession is as follows:

Heir Apparent

Heir Apparent's oldest Child

King or Queen's next oldest Child

Duke highest in line to the throne

Current President

Letter of Last Resort

Letter of Last Resort

This is a classified Letter detailing who will be the King or Queen if none of the above options are alive or able to do the duties involved. It has the name and details of someone who the King or Queen has handpicked to take the throne. It has a 1-in-7,000,000,000 chance of being used.

League of Micronations

On the 16th of February, the Kingdom of Apachiland sent out a formal request to the LoMN (League of Micronations) to request membership to the organization. They sent the request on behalf of the Populous as they had recently held a referendum to see if the population would like membership. The population voted 82% in favour of joining.

Around 3 hours later the LoMN replied stating that the Kingdom of Apachiland could join as long as they remained politically neutral and accepted the LoMN's constitutional law.

National Anthem, Events and other Ideas

National Anthem

The Apachiland National Anthem (Apache) is a licensed version of Shadilay to suit Apachan needs. It consists of an entire orchestra, including a piano, and has lyrics (Not in the actual song but found in other versions). The song is sung in either English or Apachan (A variation of Latin).

National Events

The Kingdom of Apachiland has four National Days/Events:

Independence Day (Fourth of April)

The Monarch's Birthday

Liberty Day (The day the Apachan Civil War ended (Fifth of January)

Current President's Birthday

Other Ideas

The National Animal of Apachiland is the Fox Kestrel. The National Beverage of Apachiland is Guinness Beer. The National Food of Apachiland is a Sunday Roast and the National Hero is Prince Cooper of Apachiland (The founder of the country and Heir Apparent to the Apachan Throne).


The official currency of the Kingdom of Apachiland is the Apachan Pound (Which itself can be further subdivided into Creotas or Crescents as they are sometimes called). The Apachan Pound has five denominations, 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50. The Creotas/Crescents have six denominations, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50.


Apachiland Armed Forces (AAF)
Military flag

Founded April 5th, 2017
Service branches Army (ALF)

Navy (ARN)

Air Force (ARAF) Special Forces (ASF)

Headquarters AAF HQ, Apachea
Commander in Chief President C
Minister of Defence and War King Apache I (To be changed after the Apachea Treaty)
Chief of the Armed Forces Sir General Sweden
Conscription None Currently
Active personnel 10
Reserve personnel 10
Deployed personnel 3 (Apachea Garrison Force)
The Apachan Armed Forces (AAF) is the complete name of the Apachan Military which consists of the Army (ALF), Navy (ARN), the Air Force (ARAF) and the Apachan Special Forces (ASF).


The Apachan Land Force (ALF) is a land based Military Army which is trained for Land combat. They are primarily used for Home Defence as well Intervention in Neighbouring countries. They are also sent out in small portions for Humanitarian Aid in overseas countries.


The Apachan Royal Navy (ARN) is the Marine based section of the AAF. It currently has three ships (AN Apache, AN Falco Maximus and the AN Quintonia). The ARN has two subsections, The Apachan Marine Service (AMS) and the Apachan Naval Air Force (ANAF).

Apachan Marine Service

The AMS is a highly trained Marine Infantry Force trained specifically for invading Overseas Nations by the sea. They are also occasionally used as Garrisons in Allied Countries.

Apachan Naval Air Force

The ANAF are the Naval Variant of the ARAF and specialize in Naval Air Combat where supplies are limited. They are used rarely due to the lack of need.

Air Force

The ARAF are the Air Section of the AAF and are a highly trained force. They are primarily used when invading neighbouring countries and are sometimes kept in airbases in Allied Countries.

Apachan Special Forces

The ASF are an extremely secretive and extremely well trained Land, Sea and Air Force capable of deploying anywhere in the world within a four day notice.


The Apachan Air Service is the most well trained and one of the most secretive Special Forces in the AAF and are rarely sent out into duty. They can deploy anywhere in the world (Excluding Antarctica) in less than a day.


The Apachan Boat Service is a highly trained Marine Service capable of deploying anywhere in the world within a four day notice. They are only sent into duty if there is a high need or the target is over 1000 miles away.


The ? Service is a branch of the AAF that only the President and Chief of the Army know exactly what it is. It is said to be one of the most well trained Special Forces in the world, even more so than the Navy SEALS of the USA and on par with the SAS of the UK. It was only on the Sixth of January, 2018 (The day after the Apachan Civil War ended) That the public found out that it existed when the President commended a Special Force which he said, 'Could not be named out of National Security'.

Apachea Treaty

On the eighth of January, 2018 the President, King, Chief of Army and MPs met in the Apachan House of Commons to discuss the Peace Treaty at the end of the Apachan Civil War. It was ruled that the King shall be stripped of all power and be made a figurehead and that the King will not be able to take Government roles unless he abdicated.

The Apachea Treaty also ruled that the Monarchist Party of Apachiland shall be disbanded and then recreated with pro-treaty members. It stated that any member of the Monarchist Party of Apachiland that was not Pro-Treaty must leave before the first of February or be sentenced to a Week in a Government Jail (The governments form of a Military Prison and are only operated by Presidential Guards).


The Apachan Government is a Constitutional Monarchy and is ruled currently by the Conservative Party of Apachiland.

Seats in Parliament

Party Name Leader Members Seats in Parliament
Conservative Party of Apachiland President C 10
6 / 10
Apachan Social Liberal Party Sir General Sweden 5
2 / 10
Monarchist Party of Apachiland King Apache I 5
1 / 10
Communist Party of Apachiland Edvard Stal 4
1 / 10

Operation Casum

Operation Casum was a recently declassified document detailing the siege of 'King's County' near Apachea. The operation took place on the 3rd of January 2018 and involved the ALF and the ? Force. This was the deadliest part of the war for the Monarchists with 37 casualties inside the County and a further 13 in the King's Palace.

Apachan Space Agency

Founded on the 12th November 2017 the Apachan Space Agency (ASA), is the national Space Administration for the Kingdom of Apachiland. Its first launch (Fox 1) will launch an unmanned Weather Probe into LEO and is scheduled for 14/03/18.

Its first manned launch (Kestrel 1) is scheduled for 15/03/18 and will launch a three-man crew into HEO where it will stay for at least a day before returning home to the ASC (Apachan Space Center).