Appalachian Federation
The Federation, the Fed
Coat of Amrs of the Appalachian Federation
Coat of Amrs

Mentem, Libertatem, et Felicitatem
New England, USA
Capital city Federation City
Largest city Federation City
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Appalachian
Government Republic
- President Alexander T. Smith
- Chairman/woman Vacant due to lack of citizens
Area claimed 0
Population 5 registered, four total (The secession of Manipulatia was never recognized.)
Currency Appalachian Dollar
National animal Peregrine Falcon

Coming soon

The Appalachian Federation (English: Appalachian Federation, Sylvanic: Appalachan Verband) is a collection of small provinces, or a micronation, located in North America. It currently consists of two provinces, but has plans for six. The Federation has a history steeped in predecessors, the most notable being the Republic of Argon, but beginning with the Appalachian Commonwealth. It is a federation located in North America, specifically the New England region of the United States of America. It claims roughly 41 acres.


The Appalachian Federation was founded after the collapse of the Republic of Argon. It based itself on the island of the former State of Argon. So far, no citizens live inside the borders, but there are citizens. The two citizens are members of the Blue Party. They have taken over a large school near the Republic of Argon, and hope to develop there.


Currently a de facto one party state, the government is similar to that of the Most Glorious People's Republic of A1. Currently, the President of the Federation is vacant. Similarly empty is the Chairperson of the Federations spot, Also, the Central Committee is vacant. The Central Committee is the organization that drafts laws and can interpret the Constitution. As is in a true People's Democratic nation, all work for the government. There are several Ministries of the Appalachian Federation. The Central Committee is the highest legislative and judicial body in the Appalachian Federation. There are five main Ministries of Appalachian Federation, being broken down into Offices of the Appalachian Federation. The Central Committee has seven members, each one representing a Ministry, aside from the Chairperson of the Central Committee and the representative of the Civil Defense Force, also known as the Army and the Navy of the Appalachian Federation. This underwent radical changes during the Great Forward Push. Later, a citizen left to create the Republic of Manipulatia, and took over the Federation. This is commonly regarded by citizens as the start of a Dark Age. However, this only lasted a few short hours, and the Federation was soon free again.

Law and Order

All law in the Appalachian Federation is based off of the Constitution. All laws are outlined there. In addition, all macronational USA law must be abided by and is in effect. The Civil Defense Force are the largest crime fighting organization in the Federation. If one is caught engaging in any form of criminal activity, they are immediately taken to Federation City. Once there, they head into the Office of the Courts building. Usually, if it is a small offense, they are taken to the Low Court. However, if it is a larger matter, like organized crime, it goes to the High Court. If it is a major scandal, and threatens national security, it goes straight before the Central Committee and the President of the Appalachian Federation almost immediately.

Foreign Relations


As the Appalachian Federation is mainly a house in a small neighborhood, what is most important is the Civil Defense Force ground branch and the narrow road up the hill. The city's defensive wall is a relatively thin stucco installation around the whole of Federation City. Outfitted with doors and the garage doors, there is little chance getting into the city. The garage door is a large gate that can open and close, much like a door, only made of metal, with locks on the city's side of the gate. The Civil Defense Force is a force made up of several soldiers, hopefully. The Civil Defense Force is the land and sea force of the Appalachian Federation. Currently very small, it has plans of building a series of small Nerf tanks to defend the city streets, if an enemy at the gates ever gets inside.

Geography and Climate

The Federation is indoors, so it is nearly entirely flat. Climate is controlled by various thermostats. It has been known to rain indoors, however. Most communes are climatically separate.


The Appalachian Federation doesn't have much of an economy at the moment. They are mostly cultural exports, with songs, dancing, and music being huge exports. Also, art and intelligence are exported.


In Federation culture, it is considered necessary to be silent unless spoken to, and to always remain calm and polite. Most British customs are followed, but with an Federation twist. For example, tea is a popular afternoon snack. However, instead of having simply some small cakes, there are specially made breads, with fruits and sugar and many other things baked in. Also large in the mind of Federation citizens is religion. 100% of the nation is Christian, and 100% go to church on a regular basis.


Media is an important thing in the Appalachian Federation. Mostly, a state-run newspaper, the Federation Weekly, is distributed. However, many citizens will soon be able to watch sitcoms, soap operas and cop shows, with the Federation National Channel on YouTube. Also coming shortly is the Federation Broadcasting Network, the national radio.

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