Imperium Aquila
Aquilan Flag
Aquilan Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms

Capital city Hazel
Largest city Hazel
Official language(s) English
Demonym Aquilan
- Emperor Tiberius I
- Head Governor TBA
Legislature Aquilan Senate
Population 5 (Active)
Currency TBA
Time zone GMT 0

The Aquilan Empire (LatinImperium Aquila) is a micronation located in Hartlepool, England. It was founded on 15th August, 2013 and has made developments in the real world since. The Emperor, also known as the Imperator is Tiberius I; he also functions as the Supreme Commander of the Military as well, it claims all of New Rome, the former capital of Jakania. It is the successor state to Jakania, which has abandoned all ties to the real world and all of its virtual claims now belong to the Jera Empire. It is also the successor state to Viitun, which became defunct as the Emperor, unaware of the decline of the small amount of influence it had, agreed to rejoin Jakania. Its land claims are a minuscule portion of Hartlepool, England - a town in the North East of England.

Etymology Edit

The word 'Aquila' is the Latin word for 'Eagle', a bird which is stereotypically associated with power and pride, something that the Aquilan Empire should develop to be.


The Aquilan Empire was founded on August 15th, 2013 as Jakania's decline began to become more rapid than the rate of decline seen during the Jakanian Civil War. The Aquilan Empire began to expand throughout it's general area, consisting of a patch of grass, a house where the Emperor resides and a few tree's. On November 12th, 2013, the Aquilan Empire became public on the MicroWiki. On November 16th, 2013, Diplomatic Relations with the Schalamzaar Empire were established. On December 24th, 2013, the Aquilan Peace Party was established and remains the dominant political party until at least 3 are formed. 


The Aquilan Empire is an Absolute Monarchy, governed by the Monarch (HIM Emperor Tiberius I), who is responsible for maintaining the country - the Emperor has a lot of power, but it is not unlimited, as the Peace Party are currently in power until elections take place on a yet unspecified date, the Emperor and the government are completely prohibited from declaring war upon another micronation unless the physical existence of the country is under major and imminent threat. The Head Governor is responsible for monitoring all other governors of the Imperial Provinces - as well as assisting the Emperor in his/her duties. Governors of the Provinces are there to help maintain the Province, they also make sure that there are enough police in the provinces and they also operate the Aquilan Imperial Guard, which act as the military to protect the nation.


Whilst no real economy exists yet, instead relying on the United Kingdom's currency of the British Pound Sterling - a Resource Based Economy is being considered to be brought in to replace the Currency at some point during 2014.

Climate and geographyEdit

The general weather and temperature of the Aquilan Empire is the exact same as the United Kingdom, since it is surrounded by the United Kingdom and the Empire claims a minuscule piece of land that used to belong to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - which is generally wet, cloudy and cold. The geography of the Aquilan Empire tends to be grasslands, with a woodland near the grassland - there are some urban areas, Faren, the Aquilan Capital, being one of them.


The culture of the Aquilan Empire has British roots, seeing as though the Empire itself claims British territory, the values of the Empire are almost entirely British, like the tolerance of different races and cultures, no matter what or who they be. Among the upper class of the country, an interest with modern Japanese Anime is held, although it isn't really ingrained into the common culture of the population.


Religion in the Aquilan Empire is predominantly Atheist, with 3 out of the 5 active citizens, the Emperor included, are atheists, the remaining two are Christians.

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