الشلمزار العربی (العربیه)

Arabic Schalamzaar (En)
شلمزار عربی (فارسی)

shAlAmzAr E ArAbI (Schalamzaarian Language)

نحن شهداء فی السبیل الله

We're victims in the way of Allah

Official Map]
Capital city Nasira (ناصره)
Official language(s) Arabic
Official religion(s) Islam (Sunni)
Short name Al-Schalamzaaria
Demonym Arabic Schalamzaarian
Government Empire
- Emperor Emperor Muhammad
Currency Sizaab ($)
National animal Camel

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Arabic Schalamzaar (A.K.A : Al-Schalamzaaria) is first arabic colony of Schalamzaar Empire. Al-Schalamzaaria colonized by SRG like other colonies.

Al-Schalamzaaria Gulf

Al-Schalamzaaria Gulf is Schalamzaarian part of Persian Gulf. Nasira is the most sterategic port in Schalamzaar Empire, because it's near Al-Schalamzaaria Gulf.