Banana Republic of Egan

Unity and Progress
Monody (by TheFatRat feat. Laura Brehm)
Montreal, Canada
Capital city Lēnoway
Official language(s) English, French
Demonym Eganese
Government Non-Partisan Presidential Republic (de jure) Environmentalist Dynastic Military Dictatorship (de facto)
- President Aidan Bartlett
Legislature The Command Post
Established July 10th, 2017
Area claimed 0.03 sq. km.
Population 16
Currency Eganese Lid, LoMN Numus
Time zone EgST (Eganese Standard Time)
National sport Golf
National dish Pasta with Hot Sauce
National drink Maple Cowsmilk
National animal Moon Squirrel
Patron saint John Baker

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Egan, officially the Banana Republic of Egan is a 1 year old micronation located in Montreal, Canada. It was founded on July 10th, 2017. The nation is the birthplace of Crumology. It has its own time zone, which is 30 minutes behind UTC -5 EST.


The word "Egan" comes from Egan Avenue, a street near the Republic.


Egan is a non-partisan environmentalist dynastic military dictatorship. It is led by General Aidan Bartlett.

The government is based on John Baker's regime in Madawaska as well as Tito's regime in Yugoslavia.


Egan is known for its environmentalist, socialist, and progressive stances. It is open to the LGBT+ community as well as gender and racial equality.

Egan has banned fossil fuels and disposable plastic items. Chain businesses are illegal in Egan and small businesses are run by syndicates.

Salaries are small, but everything is cheap.

Egan has some of the most strict gun laws in the world. All guns and gun factories are illegal even for police and military. The only guns citizens can carry are licensed Nerf guns.

Education and Healthcare are free in Egan, but it has no social welfare program.


Egan was founded on July 10th, 2017 by Aidan Bartlett, who was then elected Governor. On October 17th, 2017, Bartlett promoted himself to Viscount of Egan, and was later crowned Kaiser on Christmas Day of 2017.

The Eganese Socialist Revolution took place on January 20th, 2018, when disgruntled workers and natives of Egan's new colony formed a resistance movement against the Aristocracy. The Socialist Revolution succeeded, and Socialist Egan lasted three more months.

The Centrist Reformation took place in late April of 2018. The Governor dissolved Socialist Egan for personal reasons regarding his grandfather, who had endured hardships in Soviet Hungary.

The Archduchy was a short-lived monarchy lasting from June 14th to July 6th, 2018. Finally, Egan became a Banana Republic under Aidan Bartlett as military dictator.


Egan claims several territories. Here is a list.

  • Lenoway - Egan's forested capital
  • The Harven Parcels - A suburb of Lenoway
  • Scammington - A suburb of Lenoway
  • Metallo - Located in a park near Scammington
  • Viridium Gardens - Located by a metro station

Puppet States


The two official currencies of Egan are the Eganese Lid and the LoMN Numus. Lids are made out of can lids. The Numus is the currency of the League of Micronations, which Egan is a member of.

Accepted currencies

Egan accepts the Euro, and Canadian currency.

Foreign Relations

Egan recognizes all UN members, all LoMN members, Molossia, the Aerican Empire, Sealand, Hutt River, Newton, and Ecconodantis.

Egan a member of the Ståloway Pact, the League of Micronations, and the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations,.


Egan celebrates the solstices and equinoxes, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, the New Year, and Thanksgiving. Egan also celebrates several other national holidays, most of them inspired from "Stardew Valley" festivals. Christmas and Easter are observed as secular holidays due to their secularization throughout the 20th and 21st century A.D. Citizens get days off on equinoxes and solstices because they are observed as religious holidays. Egan also celebrates Norton Day and Pink Shirt Day.

Name Date Description
John Baker Day January 17th Celebrates the birth of John Baker, founder of the Republic of Madawaska, an early micronation
Egg Festival April 13th An annual egg hunt is set up. Whoever finds the most eggs in one minute wins a prize.
Lilac Dance May 24th A flower-themed dance around the Tree of Cubenthep in Scammington
Dance of the Moon Squirrels June 28th A nighttime squirrel-themed dance around any oak or maple tree
Eganese Independence Day July 10th Celebrates the day Egan was founded
Eganese Cultural Festival August 11th Celebrates Eganese culture. Traditional Eganese cuisine, music, and dancing is commonly seen here.
Lenoway Fair September 16th Citizens and tourists gather in Lenoway for a festival showcasing the wonders of the Eganese caital.
Spirit's Eve October 27th A haunted maze is set up. The first one to find the Golden Pumpkin wins a prize.
Ice Festival December 8th Celebrates the element of ice.
Bartlett Day December 10th Celebrates General Aidan Bartlett's birthday
Feast of the Winter Star December 23rd Mini-Stockings are put up the night before, and are filled with candy, snacks, and small toys the next day


The Eganese are a very cultured people. Their culture is based on the video game Stardew Valley. Most Eganese are Pastafarians, Agnostics, Silinists, or Atheists.

The national sport is Golf because Eganese people LOVE Golf because Golf is awesome. Pasta with Hot Sauce, Bagels, Starfruit, and Maple cowsmilk are delicacies in Eganese cuisine.

Egan's patron saint is John Baker. He founded the micronation of Madawaska in the early 19th century.


The Eganese Military Arsenal consists of:

Weapon Amount Type Description
Water gun 1 (lost; more to be purchased) Ranged Used to blind and wet enemies
Nerf Gun 0 (more to be purchased) Ranged Used to lightly jab the enemy back
Broomstick 1 Melee Skilled Martial Artists whack enemies

with this broomstick

Shovel 1 Melee Skilled Mercenaries whack enemies

with this shovel