Archduchy of Woodland

(State of the Unironic Empire) June 2012-2015
(State of Unironia-Woodland) March 2012
Component of the State of Unironia) April 2012
(Component of Imperial Monoea)

May 2012
2012–2015Flag of the Kingdom of Woodland

Woodland flagWoodland COA

Unironic Map 2013 woodland
Largest city Suttoro
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Roman Catholic
Short name Woodland
Demonym Woodlander
Government Sub-national Monarchy
- Archduke/Archduhess Gannon I (First)
Maria I (Last)
Established March 2012-Archduchy treaty
Disestablished January 27, 2015-Creation of the Kingdom of Woodland
Currency Unironic Franc


In the March of 2013, Unironia-Woodland was formed, creating the entity of Woodland. Many archdukes came and went, and, in April of 2013, Woodland became a Unironic Constituent country, and later with the Imperial Charter became a State of Unironia

List of Archdukes/Archduchesses

  • Gannon I   March 2012
  • Eric I   March 2012
  • Justinian I   March 2012-April 2012
  • William I April 2012-June 2013
  • Austin I   June 2013
  • Maria I  June 2013-January 27, 2015

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