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Arendell is an unrecognized country in the eastern part of Norway. It consists of 3989,65 km2. The population consists of 27 000 people. The Capital in Arendell is Elizia, located in the southern part of Arnedell.

The Arendellian head of state is King Trym the first of Arendell. It's also a Council in Arendell it consists of 8 people. The council can't act before the king accepts their plan.


The terrain in Arendell is hilly with a couple of rivers and lakes. The highest point is Håmmålsfjellet with its 1543 meters above sea Level.


Most of the population is in the capital Elizia and Magnolia.

The official languages in Arendell is Theonian and Norwegian. And most of the population worship the lutherian christianity.

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