to 1928
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Nickname(s) Οι μπλέ I ble (The Blues)
Association SEGAS (Greek Sports Association), Mouzilo Ministry of Sports
Confederation SEGAS
Head coach Various according to sport
Captain Various
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Arion SC (Arion Sports Club, Αθλητικός Σύλλογος Αρίων-Athlitikos Syllogos Arion officially called Arion Gymnastics Club, Γυμναστικός Σύλλογος Αρίων-Gymnastikos Syllogos Arion) is a sports club which operates both in Greece and Mouzilo. It has Footbal, basketball as well as volleyball teams which participate in various tournaments in both Greece and Mouzilo.


The club was founded in Athens and specifically in Kolonaki area in the year 1928 with initial activities music and shooting. For this reason it was also called Arion, after the ancient poet and musician from Molyvos of Lesvos. Football as an activity of the club began immediately after the WWII, giving its first games in February and March 1944 in the championship organized by Panathinaikos and immediately after that the team took part in the first informal league with 18 teams in Athens playing 6 games in the summer of 1944, finishing in 14 place. The football club was re-established in a basement in the Athenian streets Filolaou Str. and Damagitou Str. by some Panathinaikos F.C. friends, some of whom were Vgenopoulos (Athens' football Clubs Union President after 1947), Pastelakos, Arkoudis, Kyriazis and unified the independent teams of Gouva area, Enosis Agiou Artemiou (St. Artemios Union) and Dafni and renaming it to "Arion Union of Fans of Agios Artemios" who remained like that until 1967. Arion participated in the first official championship of 1945 - 46 in Athens with the participation of 12 teams including: Panathinaikos, AEK, Fostiras, Panionios, Athinaikos, Apollon, Olympiakos, Pagrati, Atromitos and then consistently in all leagues of Athens in A and B national amateur categories until today. In the historical course there was a brief merger with Apollon Athens during the decade of 50's and a name change due to merger with Aris Pangrati as Arion Pangrati- Ag.Artemios. (During junta regime). A number of players who later had a big career in the decades of 50 and 60 came from Arion, players such as Lakis Sofianos, Andreas Apergis, Giorgos Andreou, Stamatis Pavlopoulos, Andreas Tsakamilis and other great players like Vasilopoulos (Tsetses) Ananidis, Giatras, Krouskas, Memos, Kritharis, Savvides and Mavridis.